Being Active

UW Fitness Day at Husky Stadium—May 24, 2017
UW Fitness Day Promo—Fitness in Review
UW Walk Week 2017—We Walked 2200+ Miles!

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Get the Mindset
Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Strength Training Exercises

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Fat & Weight Loss Formula

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Circuit Training Exercises
Dare to Do 2017: Fitness: Parting Tips

Tennis Ball Exercises – Shoulder + Back
Tennis Ball Exercises – Hip + Shoulder
Tennis Ball Exercises – Hamstring + Hip
Tennis Ball Exercises – Foot + Calf
2016 UW Scavenger Hunt: A Husky Walk of Fame
Whole U Yoga: Hatha Flow with Michael Glass

Whole U Yoga: Sun Salutation with Mandy Morneault
Whole U Yoga: Restorative Yoga with Sarah Hay
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Stretching
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Quads & Shoulders
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Back Row
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Chest Press/Pull Downs
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Front and Side Raise
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Triceps
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Biceps
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Shoulder Press-Bicep Curl
Thriller Dance from the IMA & The Whole U
Desk Yoga for Hips
Desk Yoga for Your Neck
Desk Yoga for Wrists & Fingers
Desk Yoga for Arms and Sides
Desk Yoga for Torso
Desk Yoga for Shoulders


Eating Well

Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Cutting Calories
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Getting Green
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Meal Prep
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Tips for Eating Out

Wine 101 with UW Professor Michael Wagner
Whole U Cooking – Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries Sauce 
Whole U Cooking – Parmigiano Baskets 
Whole U Cooking – Spaghetti with Clams
Chef Mehta Cooking Demo 

Staying Healthy

The Whole U Speaker Series – Sitting Disease
Whole U Speaker Series with Dr. Michael V. Vitiello – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 


Engaging Interests

Whole U Speaker Series: Alice Few on How to View a Solar Eclipse
Whole U Speaker Series: Cliff Mass on Weather Forecasts

Whole U Speaker Series: Courage & Compassion with Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D.
Pet Behavior with Dr. James Ha
Crows: Smarter Than You Think with UW Professor John Marzluff


Life Events & Changes

Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Office
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Kitchen & Family Room
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Bedroom, Closets, and Bathroom
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Garage and Car Spaces
Parenting Styles – What Do the UW Experts Say?
Stan Chernicoff: A Second Act of Service
Whole U Speaker Series: Pepper Schwartz on the Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples
Whole U Mindful Parenting Seminar


Handmade from the Heart: Crafting Cards for Patients at UWMC
Coach Romar on Making a Difference in Your Community


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Ovations 2015
Ovations 2015: Corbin Bugni
Ovations 2015: Jennifer Carroll
Ovations 2015: The Collective
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Ovations 2015: Catherine Duffy
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