This case studies shows techniques which can be used to create an HTML presentation. This example relies heavily upon CSS, and also uses DHTML for some effects (but the presentation would still work without DHTML).

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Using Standards

This presentation, in addition to being about standards-based coding, is also created using XHTML and CSS. It completely validates using XHTML 1.0 Strict, and has valid CSS. Note, however, that the CSS does not completely pass the W3C CSS Validator because it uses some CSS3 attributes. However, these attributes are used in a manner which is backwards compatible with earlier CSS versions.

Reusing Code

This presentation uses the code from the DHTML Presentation Lists snippet. It also uses conditional HTML to reuse navigation HTML code.

As mentioned, this presentation heavily uses CSS, but at the same time, it attempts to use as much cascading as possible.

Case Study Descriptions

This case study is split into different sections:

These pages include annotated source for only specific parts of the code. However, you can view the complete source for all of the pages: