Flyout Debugger

This page will allow you to check a URL to find why your Flyout Menus are not working. It will only find some of the more common errors. If you are using some of the more advanced techniques, this debugger attempts to find errors, but it won't be able to find all of them.

The frame in which your page appears is active, so you can make your menus appear as usual. If the debugger finds a problem when a menu is first accessed, it will report the problem in the messages area.

If the debugger finds errors, it will create links in the messages area, which you can use to highlight which link on your page is in error.

If you've used this debugger in the past, you may see the last page you debugged in the frame, but you still need to fill in the URL field and click on check for the debugger to actually start. It is ready when you either see a message that Flyout Menus are not enabled or that it's finished checking the loaded page.

URL to check: