Flyout FAQs

This document answers common questions about Flyout Menus.

  1. What browsers are supported by Flyout Menus?
    Flyout Menus are known to work on:
    • Internet Explorer 4 and higher on Windows
    • Internet Explorer 5 and higher on Mac (5.1 and higher works best)
    • Mozilla (all versions)
    • Safari (all versions)
    • Opera (all versions)
    • Konqueror (2 and higher)
  2. Do the flyout menus follow accessibility guidelines?
    The flyout menus can indeed be used in a way which makes them accessible to all users. Check the following:
    • All the information available in the flyout should also available if the flyout does not appear (such as when JavaScript is disabled). Using predefined menus is a method to make sure all the links are available, but it's a good idea to make the trigger link have all the information available in case the user has JavaScript enabled but is unable to navigate the menus.
    • Be careful to not cover up critical areas of your page. For example, if your links are horizontally arranged, the menus should be made to appear below the links instead of to the right (which would cover other links).
    • Submenus tend to be more difficult to navigate than single flyout menus. Be sure to not change the timeouts, so the original menu doesn't go away before the user has a chance to activate your submenus.
  3. Didn't Netscape 4 used to be supported?
    Yes, versions prior to 2.0 did support Netscape 4. You can download version 1.60 if you need to use flyout menus on older browsers. Note the current version will not cause problems with older browsers; it's just the flyout menus themselves which will not function.
  4. Do the Flyout Menus allow multiple levels of menus?
    Yes, submenus are supported as of version 2.0.
  5. Is the code freely available?
    You are free to copy and use all the source code associated with the Flyout Menus, but please leave a pointer in your document (either in the text or as a comment) to the Flyout Menus documentation:
  6. Can I make changes to the Flyout Menu source and redistribute it?
    You may redistribute any derivative works, but please leave the comment block at the top of the Javscript file intact and in its entirety.
  7. What's the fastest way to get Flyout Menus working on my page?
    Following the Basic Example is the minimum necessary to have Flyout Menus work on your page if you are developing on
  8. What about if I'm not on
    Users not on need to use a small amount of Javscript in the document head to test for whether Flyout Menus will work on the user's browser, as well as reading the script. This Javascript is described in the section about the Flyout Main Script.
  9. My menus aren't working. Where should I first look?
    It's important to make sure that your HTML validates, your CSS validates, and your menu script passes the Menu Tester. You can also use the Flyout Debugger on your actual page to try to find errors.
  10. My HTML, CSS, and menu files all check out OK, but my menus still don't appear.
    Make sure you have checked the following:
  11. Why do my menus show up in the wrong location?
    Make sure your menu script is defined at the very end of your HTML document, preferably just before the </body> tag.
  12. Do I need a separate menu script for each menu I have on the page?
    You can define all of your menus in the one menu script. If you are changing the defaults, you can do that at the top of the script and it will affect all the menus.
  13. Whom do I ask if I have further questions?
    You can contact www-mgmt with your questions. If you are asking about a page you're developing, it's best to supply a URL.