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The Development Environment

The web development environment on consists of two areas - a development area and a production area.

Creating Files

Typically, all of the work you do is done in the development area, and you "install" your files from the development side to the production side.

  1. You will be assigned a development directory under:
  2. /usr/local/wwwudev/world/

    These directories are access restricted--only a limited set of users have permission to view the Web content produced in the development environment.

  3. Access this directory from your computer account on one of the computers with access to the server directories (bank.u, or for UW Technology or OIM, red.cac or shiva.cac)
  4. Login to your account, and at the prompt, use the unix command "cd" and the full path to your directory, for example,
    cd /usr/local/wwwudev/world/admin/parking/
  5. Write or put all of your html files in the development directory or subdirectories of that directory.
  6. You can work directly in a secure terminal window, and use a text editor such as pico or vi to create your html file. You can also develop your web pages with web tools--Dreamweaver, HTML Kit, etc. and then use secure file transfer to move your files to wwwudev.cac.

  7. Only work in the development directory and use the wwwuinst installation tools to migrate files from development into production.
  8. The wwwuinst tool automates the installation process by making an exact copy of the development files and directory structure in the production area.

Viewing Your Files in a Browser

After creating your Web content, you should view the files in the Web browser to make sure that they are using the standard page elements correctly, and to check formatting, style, and overall appearance.

The files you create are visible on a web browser with a development url and authentication under the url: For example, if you were assigned the directory /usr/local/wwwudev/world/admin/parking, your development url would be:

Once the pages are complete and ready for viewing, you will have a production url under:

The Operating System

The cluster computers (bank.u, red.u, etc.) use the Unix operating system. Some online resources for Unix are: