UW Video

UWTV Television Channel Ending Broadcast

As of January 1, 2017, the University of Washington has ended the television broadcast of UWTV.

What this means:

  • The 24/7 live stream of UWTV will no longer be available on television or online after December 31, 2016.
  • UW Video will continue to provide video production services of the highest quality and value for the UW community.
  • UW Video will continue to distribute campus video content through its remaining digital media platforms and syndication partners: YouTubeAmazon Fire TV, KOMO, KCTS, NWCN and Pac-12 Networks.

The official announcement can be read here.


Will UW Video continue to produce videos and live events?
Yes. UW Video will continue to provide video production services of the highest quality to the UW community and beyond.

What happens to my video content?
All the video content that is currently available on our other media platforms or syndication partner channels (YouTube, Amazon Fire TV, KOMO, KCTS, NWCN and Pac-12 Networks), will continue to be available.

Will I still be able to watch UWTV content?
Yes. UWTV content such as UW 360, BrainWorks, Husky Classics and UW Medicine lectures (to name a few examples) have been and will continue to be available to watch on demand on YouTube, Amazon Fire TV and via syndication where available.

What will happen to UW 360?
New episodes of UW 360 (the news/magazine TV show about the UW) will continue to be produced and can be watched on demand at YouTube, and Amazon Fire TV.

Will UW Video still produce other programs?
Yes. We will continue to create content that is shared on our remaining media platforms (YouTube and Amazon Fire TV) and syndication partner channels and networks (KOMO, KCTS, NWCN and the Pac-12 Networks).

What will happen to NASA TV programming on UWTV?
It will no longer be available on UWTV when broadcast ends after December 31, 2016. NASA TV can be watched online or contact your cable company for broadcast information.

Will UWTV still be available on HuskyTV?
No. All live streams of UWTV will be ended after December 31, 2016.

Why is the University of Washington ending funding for the television channel?
To reallocate financial resources and adapt to the changing television environment. More people are accessing content on their computers, smart TVs and mobile devices than ever before which has resulted in an increase in viewers for our online video content.