Veterans education benefits

Using Your Benefits

Once you know your schedule for the upcoming quarter, complete the Enrollment Certification Request. After your adviser has signed the form, please return the signed form to our office, either in person or via email. We cannot certify your enrollment with the VA without this form, so make sure to complete it before each quarter.

You can only be certified for courses that are required to complete your program. The course can be required as either general education credit or elective credit previously not filled.

Courses previously failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated. If you repeat a course, you will need to have a Course Repeat form form signed by your departmental or undergraduate adviser. The VA will not pay for course repeats done in order to improve GPA.

If you are seeking a dual major or have a declared minor, you must complete a Request for Multiple Objectives form and have it signed by your departmental adviser.

Changes To Your Enrollment

If you make changes to your schedule by adding and/removing course(s), please submit an updated Enrollment Certification Request with your new schedule. Even if the total number of credits remain the same you need to submit an updated form.

If you drop a course or need to withdraw from school after the drop period contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office as soon as possible. The VA may reduce your benefits retroactively unless there are mitigating circumstances. The VA will automatically grant a 6-credit hour exclusion the first time you drop/withdraw from courses while using benefits. This one-time exclusion cannot be granted if you complete the quarter and receive a non-punitive grade.

Mitigating circumstances are those beyond your control that prevent you from continuing to be enrolled or that cause you to reduce the number of credits. Examples include:

  • An illness or injury afflicting you during the enrollment period
  • An illness or death in your immediate family
  • An unavoidable change in your conditions of employment
  • Unanticipated active duty military service, including training
  • Immediate family or financial obligations beyond your control that require you to suspend pursuit of your education to gain employment.

Hardship Withdrawal

If you need to leave school and will complete a Hardship Withdrawal with the Registrar’s office, let the Veterans Education Benefits Office know so they can report it to the VA. The VA tends to waive a debt if a Hardship Withdrawal is granted by the UW. Hardship withdrawals are granted for documented emergencies, such as an automobile accident, severe illness, or other extenuating circumstances beyond your control.

Verify Your Attendance

Chapter 30 and 1606 recipients are required to contact the VA on the last day of each month to verify their attendance. If you forget to call, your payment will be held. If the number of credits or enrollment status is incorrect when you are verifying your attendance, contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office with the correct information. Do not try to correct it through the VA website.

Verify by phone: 1-877-823-2378
Verify online: WAVE system

Tuition and Fee Payments

Post 9/11 benefits will cover resident tuition and mandatory fees up to your entitlement percentage. Examples of non-mandatory fees are late change fee, transcript fee, ID photo fee, and various WSA/UW USAS/WASHPIRG fees.

If you are from out of state, make sure to contact the Residence Classification Office to see if you are eligible to resident tuition under the Choice Act, or bona fide residency. If you are paying non-resident tuition, you will be responsible for the difference between resident tuition rate and non-resident tuition rates as the VA only covers resident tuition.

When certifying your courses before the quarter starts we will not report any tuition and fees. The certification is amended to reflect tuition and fees after the quarter has started. As such your tuition payment will be delayed but you will not be assessed any late fees from Student Fiscal Services, as it is part of the normal certifying procedure.

Monthly Housing Allowance

Post 9/11 benefits pays a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) which is based on the BAH rate for E5 with dependents for the zip code of where you take the majority of your courses and your enrollment status (rate of pursuit).

If you are full time and if you are taking the majority of your courses on the Seattle campus, the MHA rate is $2,505 per month, for a full month of enrollment. This may change based on the enrollment status, location of course(s) and days of enrollment.

If you are taking all online courses, the MHA rate is $840.50 per month.
If you attend over half-time, but less than full time, the VA prorates the MHA amount, taking your rate of pursuit and rounding to the nearest multiple of 10.


If you’re taking this many credits Your rate of pursuit is The VA pays this amount
12 100% 100%
11 91% 90%
10 83% 80%
9 75% 80%
8 66% 70%
7 58% 60%
6 or below 50% or less 0%


If you’re taking this many credits Your rate of pursuit is The VA pays this amount
10 100% 100%
9 90% 90%
8 80% 80%
7 70% 70%
6 60% 60%
5 or below 50% or less 0%

Housing and Food Services

The monthly housing stipend is paid directly to you by the VA. This means you are responsible for paying rent or any housing charges you have depending on your situation. If you do have room and board through UW, please contact Housing and Food Services to let them know you are using benefits, so you can set up a payment plan with them.

Non Matriculated Student

If you are non-matriculated (not yet degree-seeking), you will need to complete a Non Matriculated Student Status form to be signed by your adviser. Please contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office for complete details of this process.

Study Abroad

UW instructional costs may be covered depending on your program. The VA does not cover fees associated with foreign study, unless it is mandatory for your degree program. The VA will not pay any costs related to travel or third party charges. Your classes must still apply towards your degree program. If your classes apply towards your degree program you may still receive monthly housing allowance (based on UW’s address), and book stipend. If you are participating in a direct exchange the VA will pay tuition and fees as normal, as you are paying UW tuition during your exchange.


In order for us to release any information to another person, such as spouse or parent, we need a permission to release information on file. This can be done either online, or via form. Both versions can be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Parent School Letter - Taking Courses at Another School

If you decide to take classes at another institution we need to send the other institution a Parent School Letter. Please complete the Parent School Letter Request form. Once the form is signed by your academic adviser here at UW, we will send a Parent School Letter to the School Certifying Official at the other school.

Short Term Loan

If you find yourself in a situation where there is a time lag between your VA benefits being applied and/or your financial aid is pending, go to MyUW and apply for a Short Term Emergency Loan. For more information about the loan, check the Student Financial Aid website.

Satisfactory Progress

If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you are expected to make satisfactory progress toward attaining the degree. In addition, you are expected to enter a major and graduate after completion of a reasonable number of credits.

The VA will pay for an additional two quarters of coursework beyond what is required for your major. To receive the additional benefits, you must have an Extension of Date of Graduation form completed and signed by your departmental adviser.

Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any quarter – except for the first quarter at the UW, in which their cumulative GPA is below 2.0. Students on probation will be dropped the following quarter unless their quarter GPA is at least 2.5 or their cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher.
The VA pays for 0.0 grades. They also will pay for I or incomplete grades, but for undergraduates only. The VA will not pay for X, NS, Audit or NC grades.