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Slavic Studies

New and Forthcoming

America's New Allies

Poland, Hungary, and the
Czech Republic in NATO

Edited by Andrew Michta

This book analyzes the assets and liabilities that Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary bring to NATO in 1999 when they become members of the alliance. It treats the enlargement as part of NATO's ongoing transformation, and it seeks to assess the impact of the new entrants on the future direction of NATO's evolution.

December 1999. 250 pp., notes, bibliog., index
0-295-97906-2 Paper, $19.95s

Days of Defeat and Victory

Yegor Gaidar

Translated by Jane Ann Miller
Foreword by Michael McFaul

Yegor Gaidar, the first post-Soviet prime minister of Russia and one of the principal architects of its historic transformation to a market economy, here presents his lively account of governing in the tumultuous early 1990s. "Yegor Gaidar has presented a clear and remarkably objective account of the attempt to move Russia from a failed and collapsing planned economy to a modern one based on market principles. It is must reading for all who wish to understand what is happening in Russia today."--Jack F. Matlock, Jr., former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union

Jackson School Publications in International Studies
December 1999. 312 pp., 12 photos, index

0-295-97823-6 Cloth, $30.00

The Post-Soviet Handbook

A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources, Revised Edition

M. Holt Ruffin et al.

This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of The Post Soviet Handbook documents the enormous variety of grassroots efforts in the seven nations that comprise post-Soviet Eurasia. It is the only guide of its kind, identifying and describing the real architects of democratic progress across a vast and important region.

Pub. with Center for Civil Society International
July 1999. 416 pp.

0-295-97794-9 Paper, $19.95

Stories for Little Comrades

Revolutionary Artists and the Making of Early Soviet Children's Books

Evgeny Steiner

In the Soviet Union of the 1920s, the most prominent avant-garde artists were eager children's book illustrators. Steiner explores the picture books created by the Constructivist artists, who welcomed both the chance to mold young revolutionaries and to work for good pay with low risk of censorship.

November 1999. 237 pp., 63 illus., 23 in color
0-295-97791-4 Cloth, $30.00

Western Amerykanski

Polish Poster Art and the Western

Edited by Kevin Mulroy

The Western motion picture, from its silent days on, exported an epic vision of America. In postwar Poland artists employed the universally recognized symbols of the Western--horse, six-shooter, boots, tin-star badge, Stetson, saddle--to convey violence as a negative force. The posters displayed and discussed in this book are from the mid-1940s to the 1970s.

Pub. with Autry Museum of Western Heritage
October 1999. 240 pp., 167 illus., 159 in color

0-295-97812-0 Cloth, $60.00s
0-295-97813-9 Paper, $40.00


Aurel Stein

Pioneer of the Silk Road

Annabel Walker

This enthralling and moving book traces the story of Sir Aurel Stein, the brilliant archaeologist whose lifetime of single-minded dedication revealed to the world the glories of the Silk Road.

1998. 430 pp., 29 photos, maps, notes, bibliog., index
0-295-97730-2 Paper, $19.95

Can Europe Work?

Germany and the Reconstruction of Postcommunist Societies

Edited by Stephen Hanson
and Willfried Spohn

Introduction by Daniel Chirot

Eight scholars from the U.S. and Europe discuss the problems posed by the collapse of communism and the reemergence of Germany as Europe's strongest state.

Jackson School Publications in International Studies
1995. 248 pp., tables, notes, index

0-295-97460-5 Cloth, $35.00s
0-295-97461-3 Paper, $17.50s

Civil Society in Central Asia

Edited by M. Holt Ruffin
and Daniel Waugh

Foreword by S. Frederick Starr

What form will the Central Asian societies of Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan take in the 21st century? This book examines important recent developments in the region as they represent tendencies toward--or away from--pluralism and democracy.

Pub. with Center for Civil Society International, Seattle, and the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Johns Hopkins University
1999. 320 pp., illus., appendixes, indexes

0-295-97795-7 Paper, $19.95s

Contested Arctic

Indigenous Peoples, Industrial States, and the Circumpolar Environment

Edited by Eric Alden Smith
and Joan McCarter

Preface by Kurt Engelmann

This volume explores some of the major threats to the Arctic environment and indigenous peoples' responses to these threats. Case studies discuss the push for oil and gas development in Canada, Alaska, and Russia; the toxic legacy of the former Soviet Union; land tenure conflicts in Russia; and wildlife management in Canada and Scandinavia.

Pub. with Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
1997. 176 pp., bibliog., index

0-295-97655-1 Paper, $20.00s

The Crisis of Leninism
and the Decline of the Left

The Revolutions of 1989

Edited by Daniel Chirot

From China to Eastern Europe the dramatic events of 1989 commanded global attention but left no consensus on either their meaning or consequences. Nine eminent scholars probe the reasons for the revolutionary upheavals of 1989 in the communist world, and assess the forces that continue to shape its uncertain future. "Chirot brings together a number of remarkable contributions that try to make sense of the failure of Leninist authority and power in East-Central Europe in one of the first serious attempts to think through the long-term political and theoretical implications of the events of 1989."--Orbis

Jackson School Publications in International Studies
1991. 262 pp., tables, index

0-295-97110-X Cloth, $35.00s
0-295-97111-8 Paper, $17.50s

East Central Europe between the Two World Wars

Joseph Rothschild

"A well-balanced treatment, emphasizing those aspects of each country which were most important. . . . This book represents a massive achievement."--American Historical Review

A History of East Central Europe 9
1974. 438 pp., maps, bibliog., index

0-295-95357-8 Paper, $27.50s

East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500

Jean W. Sedlar

"Sedlar's study is the first in English to deal as a whole with the medieval Europe that lay between the linguistic frontiers marked by the German- and Italian-speaking peoples to the west and the political borders of the Russian lands. . . . Her synthesis has resulted in a book of great scholarly importance and of considerable usefulness to both general readers and students of the region and the period."--Choice

A History of East Central Europe 3
1994. 576 pp., maps, appendixes, bibliog., index

0-295-97290-4 Cloth, $50.00s

The Establishment of the
Balkan National States, 1804-1920

Charles and Barbara Jelavich

"To compress the complexities of Balkan history is no mean achievement. Students and history teachers will find this book invaluable."--Slavic Review.
"A remarkable synthesis of the evolution of the peoples of southeastern Europe up to the achievement of their national independence."--Balkan Studies

A History of East Central Europe 8
1977. 374 pp., maps

0-295-96413-8 Paper, $27.50s

German Unification
and Its Discontents

Documents from the
Peaceful Revolution

Edited and translated
by Richard T. Gray and Sabine Wilke

This volume collects in English translation a selection of the most significant historical documents relevant to the "peaceful revolution" in the German Democratic Republic in the fall of 1989 and the unification of the two German states on October 3, 1990.

1995. 350 pp., photos, map, glossary, index
0-295-97491-5 Cloth, $40.00s

Global Diasporas

An Introduction

Robin Cohen

In a perceptive and arresting analysis, Robin Cohen introduces a new approach to the study of world diasporas. The book investigates the changing meanings of diaspora and the contemporary diasporic condition, with case studies of Jews, Armenians, Africans, British, Indians, Lebanese, and Caribbean peoples.

Global Diasporas
1997. 241 pp., tables, notes, bibliog., index

0-295-97620-9 Paper, $19.95s

Historical Atlas
of East Central Europe

Paul Robert Magocsi

Cartographic design
by Geoffrey J. Matthews

"A masterful job in covering a huge area through 1,600 years of history. . . . [this atlas] will become the standard work in the area, a magnificent introduction to the subject."--Slavic Review

A History of East Central Europe I
1993. 232 pp., 89 color maps, tables, appendix, bibliog., index

0-295-97445-1 Paper, $39.95

A History of Ukraine

Paul Robert Magocsi

Although the new state of Ukraine came into being as one of many formed in the wake of the Revolution of 1989, it is hardly a new country. Paul Robert Magocsi tells its story from the first millennium before the common era to the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, with a balanced discussion of political, economic, and cultural affairs. Tracing in detail the experiences of the Ukrainian people, he gives judicious treatment as well to the other peoples and cultures that developed within the borders of Ukraine, including the Greeks of the Bosporan Kingdom, the Crimean Tatars, and the Poles, Russians, Germans, Jews, and Mennonites.

1996. 810 pp., 43 maps, 20 tables, bibliog., index
0-295-97580-6 Paper, $40.00s

Hungarian Rhapsodies

Essays on Ethnicity, Identity
and Culture

Richard Teleky

From an examination of photographer Andre Kertesz to a visit to a Hungarian American church in Cleveland, Teleky writes with perception and humor about the American need to reconcile contemporary identity with a heritage from another country.

1997. 256 pp., 6 photos, notes, bibliog., index
0-295-97582-2 Cloth, $35.00s
0-295-97606-3 Paper, $18.95

Imagining Russian Jewry

Memory, History, Identity

Steven J. Zipperstein

This book explores the imprint left by the Russian Jewish past on American Jews starting from the turn of the 20th century, considering literature ranging from immigrant novels to Fiddler on the Roof. In Russia, he finds nostalgia in turn-of-the-century East European Jewry itself, in novels contrasting Jewish life in acculturated Odessa with the more traditional shtetls.

Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies
1999. 152 pp., notes, bibliog., index

0-295-97789-2 Cloth, $30.00s
0-295-97790-6 Paper, $14.95s

The Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1795-1918

Piotr S. Wandycz

"Professor Wandycz has provided an important tool for the student beginning the comparative study of East Central Europe and a valuable reference work for both the Polish and non-Polish specialist. His work will facilitate and stimulate the study of East Central Europe."--Slavic Review

A History of East Central Europe 7
1975. 472 pp., maps, bibliog., index

0-295-95358-6 Paper, $27.50s

Memory Eternal

Tlingit Culture and Russian Orthodox Christianity through
Two Centuries

Sergei Kan

Combining anthropology and history, anecdote and theory, this book portrays the encounter between the Tlingit Indians and the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska in the late 1700s and analyzes the indigenous Orthodoxy that developed over the next 200 years.

1999. 696 pp., 26 illus., appendix, notes, bibliog., index
0-295-97806-6 Cloth, $60.00s

in Eastern Europe

Edited by Peter F. Sugar
and Ivo John Lederer

Focusing on the development of Eastern European nationalism, this distinguished collection of essays traces the development of the nations of Eastern Europe up to the mid-1960s. With a new introduction by coeditor and contributor Peter F. Sugar, this authoritative volume provides for both the scholar and general reader an important historical perspective on the regional conflicts of Eastern Europe that command world attention today.

1994. 482 pp., notes, index
0-295-97342-0 Paper, $25.00s

in the Russian North

Indigenous Peoples
and the Legacy of Perestroika

Edited by Aleksandr Pika

Afterword by Boris Prokhorov

This book explores the cultural, political, and economic issues guiding Russian state policy toward Siberian indigenous peoples. Based on a report submitted to the Russian parliament, it became a major building block for new legislation on the treatment of Northern minority peoples in post-Soviet Russia.

Pub. with Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press, Edmonton
1999. 200 pp., 24 illus., bibliog., index

0-295-97829-5 Paper, $30.00s

New Diasporas

The Mass Exodus, Dispersal, and Regrouping of Migrant Communities

Nicholas Van Hear

This book charts the connections between migration crises and transnational communities--their formation, their demise and their social, economic and political fall-out. Van Hear looks in detail at ten migration crises in the contemporary world, in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.

Global Diasporas
1998. 256 pp., notes, bibliog., index

0-295-97713-2 Paper, $22.00s

The Peoples of the Eastern Habsburg Lands, 1526-1918

Robert A. Kann and Zdenek V. David

"The authors address the parallel histories of the Czechs, Slovenes, Magyars, Slovaks, Croats, Ruthenians, Serbs, and Romanians. . . . This is a genuinely distinguished book, unmatched as a resource in an area where complete information is difficult to come by, especially in English."--Choice

A History of East Central Europe 6
1984. 560 pp., maps, bibliog., index

0-295-96095-7 Cloth, $50.00s


Vladimir Nabokov and Marc Szeftel

Galya Diment

In this wry, judiciously balanced, and thoroughly engaging book, Galya Diment explores the complicated and fascinating relationship between Vladimir Nabokov and his Cornell colleague Marc Szeftel who, in the estimate of many, served as the prototype for the gentle protagonist of the novel Pnin. She offers astute comments on Nabokov's fictional process in creating Timofey Pnin and addresses hotly debated questions and long-standing riddles in Pnin and its history.

A McLellan Book
1997. 256 pp., 30 illus. appendixes, notes, bibliog., index

0-295-97634-9 Cloth, $35.00s

The Politics and Technology
of Nuclear Proliferation

Robert F. Mozley

Politics and technology intersect in the international effort to prevent nuclear proliferation. Written for scientists, policy makers, journalists, and concerned citizens, this comprehensive overview provides information about both basic technologies and the political realities of nuclear proliferation.

1998. 384 pp., line drawings, tables, notes, glossary, bibliog., index
0-295-97726-4 Paper, $25.00s

Religious and Secular Forces in Late Tsarist Russia

Essays in Honor of
Donald W. Treadgold

Edited by Charles E. Timberlake

"A book of essays which examines currents at work in the 19th century that attempted to counteract the monopoly forces of autocracy and Orthodoxy prevailing in the Russian empire. The volume focuses on the challenges that religious pluralism and secular and revolutionary ideas presented to the political and religious monopolies. . . . A scholarly and well-presented volume."--Theological Book Review

1992. 376 pp., notes, bibliog., index
0-295-97198-3 Cloth, $35.00s

A Sephardi Life
in Southeastern Europe

The Autobiography and Journals
of Gabriel Arié, 1863-1939

Edited by Esther Benbassa
and Aron Rodrigue

Autobiographical texts are rare in the Sephardic world. This book publishes in full the autobiography (covering the years 1863 to 1906) and yearly journals (1906-1939) of Gabriel Arié, whose writings express the double, divided, and dissonant existence of a Westernized Jew in the Levantine world.

A Samuel and Althea Stroum Book
1998. 333 pp., 14 illus., map, bibliog., indexes

0-295-97674-8 Paper, $25.00s

Sino-Soviet Normalization and its International Implications, 1945-1990

Lowell Dittmer

"An admirable and thoroughly useful book. Dittmer has assembled a massive quantity of materials and interpretations to trace the stormy history of Sino-Soviet relations since World War II."--Slavonic and East European Review
"Dittmer offers a comprehensive and illuminating study of Asia's most important relationship in this century. . . . This volume raises the level of discourse and undertanding on the causes and effects of Sino-Soviet relations since 1949."--Far Eastern Economic Review

Jackson School Publications in International Studies
1992. 382 pp., tables, notes, bibliog., index

0-295-97118-5 Cloth, $35.00s

Southeastern Europe under Ottoman Rule, 1354-1804

Peter F. Sugar

"An interpretation of southeastern Europe under Ottoman rule from which few will fail to learn. As always, [Sugar] brings a fresh view of familiar material, and fresh material to familiar issues. . . . his book is far more than simply a 'welcome addition to the field.' It is a unique interpretation of the entire Ottoman experience in the Balkans."--Slavic Review

A History of East Central Europe 5
1977. 384 pp., maps, bibliog., appendix, index

0-295-96033-7 Paper, $27.50s

A Thousand Years
of Czech Culture

Riches from the National Museum in Prague

Vladimir Brych et al.

Each of the 212 objects featured represents a major artistic or cultural achievement or historical milestone from the lands at the crossroads of Europe. These works of art and artifacts both highlight the distinctive contribution of Czech culture and reflect the broader European climate that shaped it.

Dist. for Old Salem
1997. 180 pp., 242 illus., map, bibliog.

1-879704-02-1 Paper, $40.00

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