Inland Fishes of Washington

Revised and Expanded

Richard S. Wydoski and Richard R. Whitney

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  • Published: 2003
  • Subject Listing: Natural History
  • Bibliographic information: 384 pp., 228 illus., 110 in color, 8.5 x 11 in.
  • Published with: American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland
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This updated and greatly expanded edition of Inland Fishes of Washington describes all the known native and introduced fishes found in freshwater habitats of Washington State. The authors have created a valuable reference for anglers, biologists, teachers, students, and environmentalists in the Northwest.

This wide-ranging study summarizes current knowledge on the appearance, distribution, growth, reproduction, food habits, and longevity of these fishes. The descriptions range from the ubiquitous salmon and steelhead to the Olympic mudminnow, a fish found only in the state of Washington. All are here placed within the context of the many mutually supporting species that together make up the ecological network that sustains them. An overview of Washington's topography and natural provinces clarifies the influence of geographical, historical, economic, and political forces on the existence of freshwater fishes today.

The book provides instruction on the basic methods of fish identification, with keys and illustrations that bring together the traits and forms most useful in distinguishing species and subspecies.

The authors are well known to fisheries professionals in the Pacific Northwest for their studies of fish, publications in professional fisheries journals, their university teaching, and first-hand experience in the field of fisheries management and research.
Richard S. Wydoski and Richard R. Whitney were colleagues in the Univesity of Washington School of Fisheries in 1979, the date of the first edition of Inland Fishes of Washington. Dr. Wydoski went on to Utah State University and later to positions with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C., and the state of Colorado, where he now lives. Dr. Whitney, who taught at the School of Fisheries at the University of Washington for many years, is perhaps best known for his appointment by the Hon. George H. Boldt as Technical Advisor to the United States District Court in the treaty rights fishing case, 1975-79. He has served on numerous fisheries advisory and review committees, most recently those related to hydroelectric development and operations in the Columbia River Basin.
Key to the Families of Freshwater and Anadromous Fishes of Washington
Species Keys and Life History Accounts
Family Petromyzontidae - Lampreys
Family Acipenseridae - Sturgeons
Family Clupeidae - Herrings
Family Salmonidae - Trouts
Family Osmeridae - Smelts
Family Umbridae - Mudminnows
Family Esocidae - Pikes
Family Cyprinidae - Carps and Minnows
Family Catostomidae - Suckers
Family Cobitidae - Loaches
Family Ictaluridae - Bullhead Catfishes
Family Cyprinodontidae - Killifishes
Family Poeciliidae - Livebearers
Family Gadidae - Cods
Family Gasterosteidae - Sticklebacks
Family Percopsidae - Trout-perches
Family Percichthyidae - Temperate Basses
Family Centrarchidae - Sunfishes
Family Embiotocidae - Surfperches
Family Percidae - Perches
Family Cottidae - Sculpins
Family Pleuronectidae - Righteye Flounders
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