More Voices, New Stories

King County, Washington's First 150 Years

Edited by Mary C. Wright
Introduction by Charles Pierce LeWarne

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  • Published: 2002
  • Subject Listing: History
  • Bibliographic information: 264 pp., 40 illus., 6 x 9 in.
  • Distributed for: Pacific Northwest Historians Guild
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Twelve essays explore the history of Seattle and King County, Washington, with a special focus on social, cultural, and ethnic history. Adding a new perspective to knowledge of the Pacific Northwest, writers including University of Washington historians, independent scholars, and community activitists have dug in archives, interviewed community members, and researched far and wide to uncover new stories and offer new understandings of our collective past.
Mary C. Wright teaches history at the University of Washington. Other contributors include Ed Diaz, Robert S. Fisher, Eric Flom, Marianne Forssblad, Charles LeWarne, Ronald E. Magden, Nhien T. Nguyen, Michael Reese, Kay Reinartz, Elizabeth Salas, Coll-Peter Thrush, and Jacqueline Williams.

"Meet King County's earliest vaudevillians, welfare mothers, restauranteurs, African American coal miners, Scandinavian immigrants, shapers of the Young Men's Buddhist Association, and Jewish women founders of Settlement House. [Here also are the modern Mexican American voters and recent Vietnamese immigrants, reflecting in interviews on the forces that have impacted their Seattle experiences.] Now the historical stage can be shared by all its players, for a fuller and deeper portrait, a Pacific Northwest in all its complexity."
-Karen Blair, editor of Women in Pacific Northwest History

"This fresh collection of essays helps us revisit our past by challenging old myths and bringing detail to unexplored pieces of the region's heritage. A wonderful, readable anthology that mixes traditional scholarship, oral histories, and stimulating new insights."
-Ron Chew, Wing Luke Asian Museum

"Now we may wonder again, with what zest are so many subjects both studied and shared? Previously these histories were rarely even whispered below the great baritone recitals of the same old stories. Beyond its title, More Voices, New Stories is in more than half of its contributions a vocalization of what were also formerly neglected voices and stories. Now in time for our three sesquicentennial celebrations of the founding of Seattle, King County, and Washington Territory comes More Voices, New Stories. It's about time. It's always about time."
-Paul Dorpat, author of Seattle Now and Then

Preface - Mary C. Wright
Introduction: A Brief History of Seattle and King County - Charles P. LeWarne
Creation Stories: Rethinking the Founding of Seattle - Coll-Peter Thrush
The Duwamish Valley Pioneers in Early King County History - Kay F. Reinartz
Reexamining the Past: A Different Perspective of Black Strikebreakers in King County's Coal Mining Industry - Ed Diaz
Mirror of Taste: The Restaurant as a Reflection of the Changing Appetites of Seattle - Robert S. Fisher
The Theatrical History of Seattle to 1930 - Eric L. Flom
Scandinavians in King County: Excerpts from Ballard's Oral History Project - Marianne Forssblad
"If I Am Only for Myself, What Am I?" Two Successful Jewish Women's Organizations in King County - Jacqueline B. Williams
Buddhism Comes to Seattle - Ronald E. Magden
"To Help Her Live the Right Kind of Life:" Mothers Pensions in King County, 1913-1937 - Michael Reese
Mexican-American Women Politicians in Seattle - Elizabeth Salas
Building a Vietnamese Community from Scratch: The First Fifteen Years in King County - Nhien T. Nguyen