American Knees

Shawn Wong
Introduction by Jeffrey F. L. Partridge

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  • Published: 2005
  • Subject Listing: Asian Ameican Studies; Literature / Fiction
  • Bibliographic information: 240 pp., 5.5 x 8 in.
  • Territorial rights: Usa And Canada Only
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Read about the movie, Americanese, based on Shawn Wong's book, at:
Shawn Wong is the author of the award-winning novel Homebase and an editor of several anthologies of Asian American literature, including Aiiieeeee! and The Big Aiiieeeee! He is the director of the University Honors Program at the University of Washington.Read about the movie, Americanese, based on Shawn Wong's book, at:

"I cracked up reading Shawn Wong's witty, tender, wise, and sexy new novel. His lovable but ambivalent protagonist collides memorably with a cast of female characters who are a welcome change from the shrinking violets and silent martyrs we've come to expect from 'ethnic' literature. American Knees is contemporary to the bone - a highly entertaining, deftly written, provocative and moving work of fiction."
-Jessica Hagedorn, author of Dogeaters
Introduction by Jeffrey F. L. Partridge
1. Loyalty, Betrayal, and Revenge
2. Gold Spike
3. Eye Contact
4. Open Curtains
5. Sleepwalking
6. Fear of Flying
7. Moment Resistance
8. Chinese Girls
9. Pathology
10. Betty Loves Raymond
11. Medical History
12. Extravagance and Equilibrium

"American Knees (a takeoff on the old schoolyard song, 'Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees. . .') is the story of how Raymond Ding, a politically correct man with a politically incorrect sense of humor, falls into, and out of, love with newspaper photographer Aurora Crane. As Raymond and Aurora's story unfolds, Wong crafts some wonderfully telling and funny scenes of social relations in multicultural America."
-Seattle Weekly

"Wong overturns the racial stereotypes perpetrated against Asians in this country, and he does so with humor to spare. . . . No one has more eloquently or joyfully asserted our belonging."
-David Wong Louie, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Shawn Wong adds a funny, sexy chapter to Asian American literature. . . . A multi-cultural comedy that relentlessly lampoons the incidents and incidentals of modern Asian American life."
-Julie Shiroishi, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"With American Knees, Wong constructs a fast-paced world of botched romances, sexual and racial stereotypes, and unfulfilled longing."
-A. Magazine