Selling Sex

Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada

Edited by Emily van der Meulen, Elya M. Durisin, and Victoria Love

  • Published: February 2014
  • Subject Listing: Sociology
  • Bibliographic information: 364 pp., 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: Usa Only
  • Distributed for: UBC Press
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Despite being dubbed "the world's oldest profession," prostitution has rarely been viewed as a legitimate form of labor. Instead, it is often criminalized, sensationalized, and polemicized. In Selling Sex, Emily van der Meulen, Elya Durisin, and Victoria Love present a more nuanced view of the sex industry. They bring together a vast collection of voices - including feminists, researchers, advocates, and sex workers of every stripe - to challenge dominant narratives surrounding sex work. Presenting a variety of perspectives on such diverse topics as social stigma, police violence, labor organizing, and human trafficking, Selling Sex is an eye-opening, challenging, and necessary book.
Emily van der Meulen is an assistant professor inthe Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at RyersonUniversity. Elya M. Durisin is a doctoral candidate inthe Department of Political Science at York University.Victoria Love is a sex worker, activist, and member ofMaggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project.Contributors: Joyce Arthur, Cheryl Auger, StevenBittle, Chris Bruckert, Jenn Clamen, Deborah Clipperton, Anna-LouiseCrago, Susan Davis, Jane Doe, Tor Fletcher, Kara Gillies, MichaelGoodyear, Stacey Hannem, Sarah Hunt, JJ, Leslie Ann Jeffrey, TuuliaLaw, Annalee Lepp, Jacqueline Lewis, John Lowman, Gayle MacDonald,Karolyn Martin, Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, River Redwood, Rene Ross,Trish Salah, Esther Shannon, Frances M. Shaver, Mariana Valverde, andAlan Young

"Selling Sex avoids the sensationalism favoured by other books on the subject and presents a wide range of perspectives to produce a timely and balanced account of an important issue."
-Meredith Ralston, Professor of Women's Studies and Political Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University, and documentary filmmaker of Hope in Heaven
Introduction / Emily van der Meulen, Elya M. Durisin, and
Victoria Love

Part 1: Realities, Experiences, and

1 Work, Sex, or Theatre? A Brief History of Toronto Strippers and
Sex Work Identity / Deborah Clipperton

2 Myths and Realities of Male Sex Work: A Personal Perspective /
River Redwood

3 Champagne, Strawberries, and Truck-Stop Motels: On Subjectivity
and Sex Work / Victoria Love

4 Trans Sex Workers: Negotiating Sex, Gender, and Non-Normative
Desire / Tor Fletcher

5 We Speak for Ourselves: Anti-Colonial and Self-Determined
Responses to Young People Involved in the Sex Trade / JJ

6 Decolonizing Sex Work: Developing an Intersectional Indigenous
Approach / Sarah Hunt

7 Transitioning Out of Sex Work: Exploring Sex Workers'
Experiences and Perspectives / Tuulia Law

Part 2: Organizing and Social Change

8 Working for Change: Sex Workers in the Union Struggle / Jenn
Clamen, Kara Gillies, and Trish Salah

9 Overcoming Challenges: Vancouver's Sex Worker Movement /
Joyce Arthur, Susan Davis, and Esther Shannon

10 Né dans le Redlight: The Sex Workers' Movement in
Montreal / Anna-Louise Crago and Jenn Clamen

11 Stepping All Over the Stones: Negotiating Feminism and Harm
Reduction in Halifax / Gayle MacDonald, Leslie Ann Jeffrey, Karolyn
Martin, and Rene Ross

12 Are Feminists Leaving Women Behind? The Casting of Sexually
Assaulted and Sex-Working Women / Jane Doe

13 Going 'round Again: The Persistence of Prostitution-Related
Stigma / Jacqueline Lewis, Frances M. Shaver, and Eleanor

Part 3: The Politics of Regulation

14 Regulating Women's Sexuality: Social Movements and Internal
Exclusion / Michael Goodyear and Cheryl Auger

15 Crown Expert-Witness Testimony in Bedford v. Canada:
Evidence-Based Argument or Victim-Paradigm Hyperbole? / John

16 Repeat Performance? Human Trafficking and the 2010 Vancouver
Winter Olympic Games / Annalee Lepp

17 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Canadian Anti-Pimping Law and
How It Harms Sex Workers / Kara Gillies

18 Still Punishing to "Protect": Youth Prostitution Law
and Policy Reform / Steven Bittle

19 To Serve and Protect? Structural Stigma, Social Profiling, and
the Abuse of Police Power in Ottawa / Chris Bruckert and Stacey

20 Beyond the Criminal Code: Municipal Licensing and Zoning Bylaws /
Emily van der Meulen and Mariana Valverde

Afterword / Alan Young