Magician's Hat

Poems on the Life of David Alfaro Siqueiros

Bill Tremblay

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  • Published: 2013
  • Subject Listing: Poetry
  • Bibliographic information: 84 pp., 6 x 8.5 in.
  • Distributed for: Lynx House Press
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These poems engage the life of the famed Mexican muralist Jose "David" Alfaro Siqueiros, whose vision of a free, generous, and artistically liberated Mexico, completely responsive to both its people and its history, unified and informed his inner and outer worlds. It is a book about the muralist's sensibility, about the way in which his experimental art and his human concerns synthesized in his work to become his vision. Less a biography than an interpretation of one artist's sensibility in love, war, and painting, it is an interdependent sequence that argues out its dialectic in a connected and accretive way. The result is a magical and riveting work of historiography and the lyric imagination.
-James Moore

"What an ambitious book. It is a kind of mural . . . a great deal can happen, can sprawl across a single wall. So I guess it comes down to passion, to honoring it, to noting its dangers as well as its triumphs."
-James Moore