The U.S. Forest Service

A Centennial History

Harold K. Steen

  • Published: 2004
  • Subject Listing: History / Environmental History; Environmental Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 432 pp., 6 x 9 in.
  • Published with: Forest History Society, Durham
  • Contents

The U.S. Forest Service celebrates its centennial in 2005. With a new preface by the author, this edition of Harold K. Steen's classic history (originally published in 1976) provides a broad perspective on the Service's administrative and policy controversies and successes. Steen updates the book with discussions of a number of recent concerns, among them the spotted owl issue; wilderness and roadless areas; new research on habitat, biodiversity, and fire prevention; below-cost timber sales; and workplace diversity in a male-oriented field.
Harold K. Steen is former president of the Forest History Society and currently teaches conservation history at New Mexico State University.
Preface to the Centennial Edition
Preface to the Original Edition
I. Forestry in Agriculture: An Accident of History
II. The Watershed of the Nineties
III. Growth and Cooperation
IV. Pinchot, the President, and the Conservation Movement
V. Administration, Cooperation, Research
VI. Reorganization, Recreation, Range, and Routine
VII. Fire and Taxes: A Cooperative Solution
VIII. New Deal Planning and Programs
IX. A Contest of Authority and Crisis of Identity
X. The War and After
XII. Multiple Use: The Greatest Good of the Greatest Number
XIII. Multiple Use Tested: An Environmental Epilogue
Appendix 1: Chronological Summary of Events Important to the History of the U.S. Forest Service
Appendix 2: Chronology of Administrations
Appendix 3: Organizational Charts of the Forest Service
Notes on Sources of Forest Service History