Nisei Daughter

Monica Sone
Introduction by Marie Rose Wong

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  • Published: 2014
  • Subject Listing: Asian American Studies; Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir
  • Bibliographic information: 264 pp., 5.5 x 8.5 in.
  • Series: Classics of Asian American Literature
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With charm, humor, and deep understanding, Monica Sone tells what it was like to grow up Japanese American on Seattle's waterfront in the 1930s and to be subjected to "relocation" during World War II. Along with over one hundred thousand other persons of Japanese ancestry - most of whom were U.S. citizens - Sone and her family were uprooted from their home and imprisoned in a camp. Her unique and personal account is a true classic of Asian American literature.

"Sone reminds us that the anti-Japanese sentiment and threat of war [was] looming over them . . . but it doesn't stop the family members from going forward with their lives - showing the kind of strength we all wish we had."
-Samantha Pak, Northwest Asian Weekly

"Rare is the book with staying power like that of Monica Sone's Nisei Daughter. . . . The book also owes its appeal to the immediacy of its narrative, to its incisive, unsentimental portraits of family and friends, and finally, to the author's own abundant humanity."
-Greg Lewis, Pacific Northwest Quarterly