Mauro Peressini and Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique

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  • Published: June 2013
  • Subject Listing: Latin American Art
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  • Distributed for: Canadian Museum of History
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Over 300 stunning Vodou artifacts from the internationally recognized Marianne Lehmann Collection are at the heart of Vodou. The exhibition demystifies a spiritual tradition that remains very much alive in Haiti and among Haitians abroad. Shaped by a history of slavery, oppression and resistance, Haitian Vodou is far removed from the myths manufactured by Hollywood. It is both a spirituality and a cultural movement that celebrates the past and present of the Haitian people.
Mauro Peressini is curator of Southwest Europe and Latin America, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique is an anthropologist and a founding member of the Fondation pour la pr servatio and a professor at the University of Haiti.