Hunting the Northern Character

Tony Penikett

  • Published: 2017. Paperback October 2018
  • Subject Listing: Native American and Indigenous Studies; Politics
  • Bibliographic information: 348 pp., 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: US rights only
  • Distributed for: UBC Press
  • Contents

Circumpolar politicians like to brag about their country's "Arctic identity" or "northern character," but what do they mean, exactly? Stereotypes abound, but these southern perspectives fail to capture northern realities. During decades of service as a legislator, mediator, and negotiator, Tony Penikett witnessed a new northern consciousness grow out of the challenges of the Cold War, climate change, land rights struggles, and the boom and bust of resource megaprojects. His lively account of clashes and accommodations between Indigenous and non Indigenous leaders not only retraces the footsteps of his hunt for a northern identity but tells the story of an Arctic that the world does not yet know.
Tony Penikett spent twenty-five years in public life, including two years in the House of Commons as chief of staff to federal NDP leader Ed Broadbent, five terms in the Yukon Legislative Assembly, and two terms as premier of Yukon Territory. He is the author of one book, Reconciliation: First Nations Treaty Making, and two films, The Mad Trapper and La Patrouille Perdue.

"Hunting the Northern Character is light-hearted, interesting, and informed by Penikett's deep experience and understanding of the North."
-Ken Coates, author of Best Left as Indians and coauthor of From Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation

1. Who, What, Where? Arctic Peoples and Places
2. Pawns: The Cold War
3. Born in the Northern Bush: Indigenous Government
4. No Settler Need Apply: The Arctic Council

5. What You Eat and Where You Live: Poverty in the North
6. Knowing Yourself: Education and Health
7. Underfoot: Resources, Renewable and Non renewable

8. Arctic Security: Control or Cooperation?
9. Hungry Ghost: Climate Change
10. Boomers and Lifers: A New Divide