Resistance Is Fertile

Canadian Struggles on the BioCommons

Wilhelm Peekhaus

  • Published: 2013. Paperback 2014
  • Subject Listing: Environmental Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 312 pp., 6 x 9 in.
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  • Distributed for: UBC Press
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For decades, government, industry, and the mainstream media have extolled the virtues of biotechnology while downplaying its negative side effects. Focusing on agriculture, Resistance Is Fertile challenges this dominant rhetoric by analyzing the major issues around which opponents of biotechnology in Canada are mobilizing resistance - namely, the enclosure of the biological and the knowledge commons, which together form the BioCommons. What emerges is an empirically and theoretically informed analysis of Canada's regulatory regime, the corporate control of seeds, and attempts to construct and control public discussions about agricultural biotechnology.
Wilhelm Peekhaus is an assistant professor at theSchool of Information Studies at the University ofWisconsin-Milwaukee.

"Resistance Is Fertile is an outstanding contribution to the field of biotechnology. Wilhelm Peekhaus weaves the empirical content brilliantly into an enlightening discussion of both political economy and social resistance."
-Rodney Loeppky, Department of Political Science, York University

1. Canadian Biotechnology Policy and Its Critics

2. Enclosure and Resistance on the BioCommons

3. Battles to Reclaim and Maintain the BioCommons

4. Intellectual Property Rights: Facilitating.Capital's Command over.Biotechnology

5. Regulatory Capture and Its Critics

6. Capture and Control of Biotechnology Discourse in.Canada