Immigrants in Courts

Edited by Joanne I. Moore and Margaret Fisher
Foreword by James M. Dolliver

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  • Published: 1999
  • Subject Listing: History; Law
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Hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter the United States each year, and the number appearing in U.S. courts is rising in many states. Immigrants in Courts addresses their access to justice in the United States and the procedural obstacles they face. Immigrants' cultural and linguistic dilemmas in court are explored through their words and the reports of judges, attorneys, and court interpreters. Techniques for responding to the problem are examined in this readable and informative text.

Immigrants in Courts provides judges, court staff, and advocates with ready information about the legal and cultural systems under which many immigrants grew up. Legal experts discuss the legal systems of four countries - China, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam - and of the Muslim world. They explore not only how the law appears on the books but how the general population of a country perceives its legal system and how perceptions affect expectations in the new country.

"It takes many years of hard work and study to rebuild a life after immigrating. For many immigrants who are still adjusting to the United States, getting involved with the legal system is one of the most confusing and frightening experiences they have. Immigrants in Courts explains how and why immigrants feel so lost in the courts."
-Liem H. Do, Attorney at Law

"Washington State judges are vitally interested in the topics covered in Immigrants in Courts. The issues at stake affect immigrants all over the country in a similar manner. The blend of scholarly analysis and practical application should make this book an attractive text for college or law school classes, a reference book for judges and attorneys, and a compelling book for anyone with an interest in immigrants."
-Justice James M. Dolliver, Washington Supreme Court

Foreword / Justice James M. Dolliver
Preface / Joanne I. Moore

Introduction / Judge Paul J. DeMuniz
1. Speaking of Culture: Immigrants in the American Legal System
2. Interpreters in Court Proceedings, by Joanne I. Moore and Judge Ron A. Mamiya
3. Immigration Information for Criminal Cases in State Courts, by Norton Tooby
4. Law and Legal Culture in China, by Pitman B. Potter
5. Mexican Immigrants in Courts, by Juan-Vincente Palerm, Bobby R. Vincent, Kathryn Vincent
6. The Shari'a: Islamic Law: What Muslims in the United States Have in Common, by M. Cherif Bassiouni
7. Middle Easterners in American Courts, by Mosabi Hamed and Joanne I. Moore
8. The Russian Federation, by Antti Korkeakivi and Maria Zolotukhina
9. Vietnamese Immigrants in American Courts, by Tai Van Ta
10. Application: Presiding Over Cases Involving Immigrants, by Judge Paul J. DeMuniz and Joanne I. Moore

Appendix 1: Summary of Survey Results
Appendix 2: Translated Explanations of Important Legal Concepts
Appendix 3: Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters
Appendix 4: Providing Information about the Law to Immigrants
Appendix 5: Immigration Status and Battered Immigrants
Appendix 6: More Information on Immigration Consequences