Creating Canada's Peacekeeping Past

Colin McCullough

  • Published: 2016. Paperback March 2017
  • Subject Listing: History / Canadian History
  • Bibliographic information: 272 pp., 39 illus., 6 x 9 in.
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  • Distributed for: UBC Press
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Creating Canada's Peacekeeping Past illuminates how Canada's participation in United Nations' peacekeeping efforts from 1956 to 1997 was used as a symbol of national identity - in Quebec and the rest of the country. Delving into four decades of documentaries, newspaper coverage, textbooks, political rhetoric, and more, Colin McCullough outlines the continuity and change in the production and reception of messages about peacekeeping. Engaging in debates about Canada's international standing, as well as its broader national character, this book is an ingeniously conceived addition to the history of the changing Canadian identity.
Colin McCullough is adjunct professor in history at McMaster University and at Ryerson University.

"In Creating Canada's Peacekeeping Past, Colin McCullough offers a new, refreshingly non-polemical introduction to the manifold ways - in textbooks, newspaper cartoons, electoral campaigns, currency, and monuments, among others - in which peacekeeping came to be considered a core element of the country's identity."
-Ian McKay, Wilson Chair of Canadian History at McMaster University and author of Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety

"This book is a strong, ingeniously conceived, and well-executed addition to the literature on the transformations of Canadian identity from the postwar period to the end of the twentieth century."
-José E. Igartua, author of The Other Quiet Revolution: National Identities in English Canada, 1945-71


1. The Political Rhetoric of Peacekeeping, 1956-97
2. Peacekeeping in Canadian High School History Classrooms, 1959-97
3. The National Film Board of Canada's Representations of Peacekeeping, 1957-95
4. English and French Canadian Newspaper Coverage of Peacekeeping Operations, 1956-97
5. From Policeman to Klansman: Depictions of Peacekeeping in Newspaper Editorial Cartoons, 1956-97
6. Nostalgia and Commemorations of Canada's Peacekeeping Past