An Illustrated History

Paul Robert Magocsi

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  • Published: 2007
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Ukraine is Europe's second-largest state. Roughly the size of Germany and Great Britain or the states of Arizona and New Mexico combined, it shares borders with seven countries and in 2001 had a population of more than 48 million. This lavishly illustrated volume provides a concise and easy-to-read historical survey of the country from earliest times to the present. Each of the book's forty-six chapters is framed by a historical map, which graphically depicts the key elements of the chronological period or theme addressed within. In addition, over 300 historic photographs, line drawings, portraits, and reproductions of books and works of art bring the rich past of Ukraine to life.

Rather than limiting his study to an examination of the country's numerically largest population - ethnic Ukrainians - acclaimed scholar Paul Robert Magocsi emphasizes the multicultural nature of Ukraine throughout its history. While ethnic Ukrainians figure prominently, Magocsi also deals with all the other peoples who live or who have lived within the borders of present-day Ukraine: Russians, Poles, Jews, Crimean Tatars, Germans (including Mennonites), and Greeks, among others. This book is an indispensable resource for European area and Slavic studies specialists and is sure to appeal to people interested in having easy access to information about political, economic, and cultural developments in Ukraine.
Paul Robert Magocsi holds the chair of Ukrainian studies at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Historical Atlas of Central Europe and A History of Ukraine.
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1. Ukraine's Physical Geography
2. Ukraine's Political and Human Geography
3. Greeks and Scythians
4. Khazars
5. The Original Homeland of the Slavs
6. Trade Routes in Eastern Europe in the Eighth to Tenth Centuries
7. Kievan Rus': Its Formation and Consolidation
8. Keivan Rus': Its Disintegration
9. The Mongol Invasion
10. The Golden Horde and Italian Merchants
11. Galicia-Volhynia and the End of Kievan Rus'
12. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus', and Samogitia to 1569
13. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after 1569
14. Socioeconomic Relations in Ukrainian Lands, 1569-1648
15. Religion and Culture in Ukrainian Lands in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
16. Tartars and Cossacks
17. Zaporozhia
18. The Khmel'nyts'kyi Uprising of 1648
19. The Cossack State
20. Ukrainian Lands during the Period of Ruin, 1657-1686
21. Mazepa and the Cossack Hetmanate
22. Sloboda Ukraine in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
23. Zaporoshia and Southern Ukrainian Lands in the Eighteenth Century
24. The Right Bank and Western Ukraine in the Eighteenth Century
25. The Partitions of Poland, 1772-1795
26. Ukrainian Lands in the Russian Empire in the Nineteenth Century
27. Socioeconomic Developments in Dnieper Ukraine in the Nineteenth Century
28. The Peoples of Dnieper Ukraine in the Nineteenth Century
29. Ukrainian Lands under Habsburg Rule, 1772-1914
30. The Peoples in Ukrainian Lands under Habsburg Rule, 1772-1914
31. Western Ukraine during World War I
32. Revolution in Dnieper Ukraine, 1917-1918
33. War, Social Upheaval, and Anarchy in Dnieper Ukraine, 1919-1920
34. Western Ukrainian Lands, 1918-1919
35. Ukrainian Lands after World War I
36. Soviet Ukraine in the Interwar Years
37. Soviet Ukraine's Other Peoples
38. Soviet Ukraine: Economic Transformation and the Great Famine
39. Ukrainian Lands in Interwar Poland
40. Ukrainian Lands in Interwar Romania and Czechoslovakia
41. Carpatho-Ukraine, 1938-1939
42. World War II and Western Ukrainian Lands, 1939-1941
43. Ukrainian Lands during World War II, 1941-1944
44. World War II: The Military Struggle for Ukrainian Lands
45. Soviet Ukraine after World War II
46. From Soviet Ukraine to Independent Ukraine
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"Robert Magocsi has remarkably succeeded in producing in one volume a well-written and interestingly illustrated volume of the history of Ukraine."
-Russian Review

"Essential reading for anyone interested in European history and commerce."
-The Federal Lawyer