Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System

Advocacy and Opportunity for Civil Society

Edited by Rod MacRae and Elisabeth Abergel

  • Published: 2012. Paperback 2013
  • Subject Listing: Health
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Civil society organizations are among the most vociferous critics of the modern food system. Yet even after decades of campaigns, governments have largely failed to address health and sustainability issues in an effective way. This volume showcases the research of experts from multiple disciplines who argue that solutions lie not just in lobbying elected officials but in initiatives at the subparliamentary level. Real change will come, they argue, when advocacy groups develop innovative strategies capable of influencing decision makers more resistant to public pressure: business lobbies well connected to government agencies, middle managers, and ministries unused to collaborating across departmental mandates.
Rod MacRae is an associate professor of food policy inthe Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.Elisabeth Abergel is a professor in the SociologyDepartment and a member of the Institut des Sciences del'Environnement at the Université du Québec Montréal.

"This book brings together an impressive group of diverse, multidisciplinary scholars and practitioners who provide an insightful portrayal of the intricacies of policy-making in the agriculture and food sectors- particularly in terms of identifying where the power lies. This topic will only become more important with growing concerns about food price crises, land grabs, food safety, climate change, rural decline, and related trends affecting food security and environmental and health crises, domestically and globally."
-Steffanie Scott, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo
Introduction / Rod MacRae, Elisabeth Abergel, and MustafaKoc

Part 1 - Paradigms, Scales, and Jurisdictions

1 Effecting Paradigm Change in the Canadian Agriculture and FoodSector: Toward a Multifunctionality Paradigm / GraceSkogstad

2 Alternative Land Use Services and the Case for MultifunctionalPolicy in Canada / Alison Blay-Palmer

3 The Experience of Canadian Environmental CSOs: Thoughts from theGreen Side / Mark Winfield

Part 2 - Lessons from the Canadian Food System

4 The Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee: Legitimacy,Participation, and Attempts to Improve GE Regulation in Canada /Elisabeth Abergel

5 Lessons from Twenty Years of CSO Advocacy to Advance SustainablePest Management in Canada / Rod MacRae, Julia Langer, and VijayCuddeford

6 Breastfeeding Promotion and Social Change in Canada: A Review ofNinety Years of Breastfeeding Policy and Practices / Aleck Ostryand Tasnim Nathoo

7 Canada's Action Plan on Food Security: The Interactionsbetween Civil Society and the State to Advance Food Security in Canada/ Mustafa Koc and Japji Anna Bas

8 The Obesogenic Environment and Schools: Have CSOs Played a Role inShifting the Debate from Individual Responsibility to StructuralFactors? / Tony Winson, Rod MacRae, and Aleck Ostry

9 From Green Energy to Smart Growth: Practical Lessons from theRenewable Energy Movement for Agricultural Land Protection andSustainability Activists / José Etcheverry

10 Helping Good Things Grow: Creating Nurturing Polices and Programsfor New Farmers through Civil Society-Government Collaboration /Sarah Robicheau

Conclusion / Elisabeth Abergel and Rod MacRae