No Concessions

The Life of Yap Thiam Hien, Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer

Daniel S. Lev
Introduction by Benedict Anderson

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  • Published: December 2011
  • Subject Listing: Asian Studies, Biography, Political Science
  • Bibliographic information: 464 pp., 20 illus., map, notes, glossary, bibliog., index, 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: World
  • Series: Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies
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The compelling personal story of human rights lawyer Yap Thiam Hien (1913 - 1989) brings decades of modern Indonesian history to life. No Concessions is a penetrating analysis of the trajectory of the Chinese minority in Indonesia over close to a century and the remarkable making of a civic leader. Without abandoning his ethnic roots, Yap transcended them by becoming a courageous legal defender of civil and human rights of all oppressed Indonesians, including former communists and radical Muslims.

Daniel S. Lev (1933 - 2006) was professor of political science at the University of Washington. Among his publications are Legal Evolution and Political Authority in Indonesia: Selected Essays; Islamic Courts in Indonesia: A Study in the Political Bases of Legal Institutions; The Transition to Guided Democracy: Indonesian Politics, 1957 - 1959, and, as coeditor, Making Indonesia.

“Dan Lev not only knew Yap extremely well, indeed was a close friend, he worked with Yap and continued his legacy after his hero’s death. Both men were utterly committed to fundamental reform of Indonesia’s legal, political, and moral life. Yap, so reserved in many ways, opened his private thoughts to Dan.” - from the Foreword by Benedict Anderson

“An extraordinary and perceptive inquiry into the making of an Indonesian hero. This meticulously researched, exhaustive biography of Yap Thiam Hien comes closer to being an ethical history of Indonesia in the twentieth century than any book I know.” - Rudolf Mrazek, author of Sjahrir: Politics and Exile in Indonesia

“Lev’s virtuosity, wisdom, and deep knowledge of Indonesian political and legal studies enabled him to capture Yap Thiam Hien’s transformation into one of the most famous lawyers and political figures in Indonesia in elegant and engrossing prose that makes the book hard to put down.” - Laurie J. Sears, editor of Knowing Southeast Asian Subjects

"This book provides important insights into the history of political repression, racism and discrimination in Indonesia through the life of one man. It also makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of Indonesian legal history. This book will inform and inspire a new generation . . ." -Melissa Crouch, Australian Journal of Asian Law, v13.1