Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest

An Illustrated Guide to the Natural History of Western Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Eugene N. Kozloff

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  • Published: 1976. Paperback 1978
  • Subject Listing: Natural History; Pacific Northwest; Travel
  • Bibliographic information: 280 pp., 444 illus., 321 in color
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In the lowlands of the Pacific Northwest, from southern Oregon to British Columbia, the plant and animal life is rich and vast. Previously anyone interested in identifying and learning about the fauna and flora has had to consult a different book for each life form: a tree book for the Pacific yew, a wildflower guide for Indian pipe, and some other reference for garter snakes.

In this guidebook, Eugene Kozloff has compile a general natural history of the region, including about 450 species of plants and animals. In order to be as thorough as possible and still preserve the portability of the book, the author has included those species that are fairly common, widely distributed, and can be easily identified by nonspecialists.

This book is substantially complete for trees, shrubs, vines, major wildflowers, ferns and fern allies, and amphibians and reptiles. A few especially abundant or conspicuous mammals are discussed, and there are helpful suggestions for beginning the study of birds of the region. Also included is a wide selection of mosses, liverworts, and lichens, as well as the more common snails, slugs, millipedes, centipedes, and certain other invertebrates.
1. Introduction
2. A Coniferous Forest
3. Oak Woods, Rocky Slopes, and Brushy Areas
4. Wet Places
5. Backyards, Vacant Lots, and Roadsides
6. The Vertebrate Animals

"Nearly every species discussed is presented visually in one of the 321 excellent color photographs and organization of the plants and animals are the book's greatest assets; they provide the nonspecialist with an easy means of species identification. . . . This is an excellent guidebook."
-The Biology Teacher"This book is destined to become required reading for anyone with an ounce of curiosity about his environment. . . . Interesting as it is to be able to call such beasts by their proper names, it is of more importance to point out that the written descriptions are so clear that, even without the excellent photographs, one could identify most plants. . . . This book invites you to take an interest in all things all around you, from the giant Douglas fir to the lichens on its trunk."
-Oregon Journal

"This book will serve the needs of amateurs, students and even professional biologists concerned with the terrestrial fauna and flora of the Pacific Northwest. Described are more than 400 species of plants and animals. . . . The author teches how to appreciate and study nature and how to collect specimens without inflicting damage to natural areas."
-AAAS Science Books and Films