Ruth Kirk

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  • Published: 1998
  • Subject Listing: Natural History; Nature and Environment
  • Bibliographic information: 320 pp.
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Snow has had an astonishing influence on the shape of the land and human history. Ruth Kirk writes perceptively of how animals and people survive in the snow; of glaciers, continental ice sheets, blizzards, and avalanches; and of the awesome hazards of Arctic and Antarctic exploration. She discusses both our battles against snow and our uses of it, showing its importance to agriculture, climate, and the future. Through scientific reports and interviews with experts in various fields-from Antarctic explorers to atmospheric physicists-Kirk surveys the scope of snow's influence.

"Revisiting Kirk's excellent text takes me out of my cozy hibernation and back into the great wide world- to make snowballs with macaques, to go venturing with the polar explorers, and to gain a better appreciation of how both land and lives have been shaped by the cold white stuff.""
-The Olympian

"Ruth Kirk has a rare gift: the ability to crystallize masses of information into clear, sparkling narrative that reflects her own ehthusiasm."
-Paul Brooks, author of Speaking for Nature

Foreword by Meredith Parker

1. Getting Started
2. A Buried House
3. More Discoveries
4. Analysis
5. Legacy

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"Kirk gives us a remarkably encompassing picture of snow's enormous impact on the climate and life of our planet . . . In a sense her book is an encyclopedia on the subject."

"There's a surprise around every page . . . delightful reading."
-Kirkus Reviews