The Guide to the Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent

Takeo Kamiya
Translated by Geetha Parameswaran

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  • Published: 2005
  • Subject Listing: Architecture
  • Bibliographic information: 576 pp., 1800 color photos, 6 x 19 in.
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This guidebook introduces the architecture of the Indian subcontinent including Bangladesh in great detal, revealing a great architectural culture that is richly different from that in Japan, Europe, and America. It gives the armchair traveler a visual feast with a large number of photographs, which will transport the reader to the site without having to actually travel to these magnificent but far-flung monuments. Indian architecture through the ages is included, from ancient times to the present day, along with Islamic architecture and Colonial style architecture during the British rule. Important buildings are illustrated with many photographs of the exteriors and interiors.
Takeo Kamiya is a Japanese architect; this book is the result of twenty years of study and travel.
Map Index
Getting Around
An Introduction to Indian Architecture
Publisher's Note

North India
1. Travel Information
2. Jammu and Kashmir
3. Kashmir
4. Ladakh
5. Himachal Pradesh
6. Punjab
7. Delhi
8. Uttar Pradesh

East India
1. Travel Information
2. Sikkim
3. Bihar
4. West Bengal
5. Bangladesh
6. Orissa

Western India
1. Travel Information
2. Rajasthan
3. Gujarat

Central India
1. Travel Information
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Maharashtra
4. Goa

South India
1. Travel Information
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Karnataka
4. Tamil Nadu
5. Kerala

List of Sources and References
Data and Index
Index of Architects
Index of Places and Buildings
General Index
Indian Architectural History / Timeline
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"A unique guide for understanding and experiencing the rich architectural history of India."
-Multicultural Review