Documenting China

A Reader in Seminal Twentieth-Century Texts

Edited by Margaret Hillenbrand and Chloe Starr

  • Published: July 2015
  • Subject Listing: Language; Asian Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 240 pp., 8.50 x 11 in.
  • Territorial rights: World Rights
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Documenting China brings together a series of linked texts, each one chosen for its impact when first published, and which together chart the core developments in twentieth-century Chinese history. With extracts spanning the fields of philosophy, political science, gender studies, popular culture, literary history, neo-nationalist discourse, and international relations, the book challenges advanced language learners to elevate their reading ability to the level necessary for handling real primary sources in an unmediated way while deepening their understanding of Chinese politics, society, and culture. Each chapter is structured around crucial passages from a core historical text, each chapter begins with an introductory essay in English that provides context for fully understanding the text, suggested further readings, and a glossary of key terms.
Margaret Hillenbrand is university lecturer in modern Chinese and a fellow of Wadham College at the University of Oxford, and author of Literature, Modernity, and the Practice of Resistance: Japanese and Taiwanese Fiction, 1960-1990. Chloe Starr is assistant professor of Asian theology at the Yale Divinity School, author of Red-Light Novels of the Late Qing, and coeditor of China and the Quest for Gentility: Negotiations beyond Gender and Class.

"A very useful textbook for extensive reading in advanced Chinese language courses. The first Chinese textbook designed to help students do research on their own with 'authentic texts' in their own fields."
-Shuhui Yang, author of Appropriation and Representation: Feng Menglong and the Chinese Vernacular Story

1. Cultural Reform
On Constructive Literary Revolution, Hu Shi

2. Social Reform
Excerpts from The Ladies' Journal

3. Reform and Revolution
The Three People's Principles, Sun Yat-sen

4. Rectification
Thoughts on March Eighth, Ding Ling
Wild Lilies, Wang Shiwei

5. Cultural Policy in the People's Republic
Talks at the Yan'an Forum on Art and Literature, Mao Zedong

6. Total Reform
Excerpts from Red Flag

7. The Unreformed
On Family Background, Yu Luoke

8. Tiananmen, 1989
June Fourth - the True Story, Zhang Liang

9. The 1980s Enlightenment
River Elegy, Su Xiaokang et al.

10. Chinese Neo-Nationalism
China Can Say No, Song Qiang et al.

11. The Emergence of Civil Society
Building a Civil Society in China, Deng Zhenglai and Jin Yuejin

12. The New Left and the Critique of Consumerism
The Invisible Politics of Mass Culture, Dai Jinhua

13. Chinese Intellectuals and Christianity
A Sociological Commentary on the Phenomenon of "Cultural" Christians, Liu Xiaofeng

14. Taiwanese Identity
The Rising People, Hsu Hsin-liang

15. Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations
Excerpts from Strategies and Management

16. China's Peaceful Rise
The New Path of China's Peaceful Rise and the Future of Asia
The New Path of China's Peaceful Rise and Sino-US Relations, Zheng Bijian