Against Orthodoxy

Studies in Nationalism

Edited by Trevor W. Harrison and Slobodan Drakulic

  • Published: 2011. Paperback 2012
  • Subject Listing: Politics
  • Bibliographic information: 368 pp., 80 illus., 6 x 9 in.
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  • Distributed for: UBC Press
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Drawing on case studies from around the globe, this provocative, accessible volume challenges the way we think about nationalism.

During the Cold War, nationalism fell from favor among theorists as an explanatory factor in history, as Marxists and liberals looked to class and individualism as the driving forces of change. The resurgence of nationalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, called for a reconsideration of the paradigm. Against Orthodoxy uses case studies from around the world to critically evaluate decades of new scholarship. The authors argue that theories of nationalism have ossified into a new set of orthodoxies. These overlook nationalism's role as a generative force, one that reflects complex historical, political, and cultural arrangements that defy simplistic explanations.
Trevor W. Harrison is a professor of sociology at theUniversity of Lethbridge, associate director of the sameuniversity's Prentice Institute for Global Population andEconomics, and co-founder and director of the Parkland Institute at theUniversity of Alberta. Slobodan Drakulic was anassociate professor of sociology at Ryerson University.

"Those looking for a new synthesis on nationalism will not find it in Against Orthodoxy, yet its nuanced analyses are sure to generate debate and discussion. This is a topic of signal importance in the world today, and this impressive collection is rich in both theoretical orientations and empirical cases."
-William Carroll, author of
Introduction / Slobodan Drakulic and Trevor W. Harrison

Part 1: Theory and History

1 Academic Nationalism / Slobodan Drakulic

2 Do Nationalists Have Navels? Where Is Childhood in Nationalism
Theory? / Karen Stanbridge

3 Tolerant Majorities, Loyal Minorities, and "Ethnic
Reversals": Constructing Minority Rights at Versailles, 1919 /
Liliana Riga and James Kennedy

Part 2: Minorities and Civil Society

4 Neither Perennial nor Modern: Christian-Muslim Enmities in the
Balkans / Slobodan Drakulic

5 Understanding Multiculturalism in Divided Societies: Exploring a
New Path / Elke Winter

6 Canada's French Fact - or Facts? / Rger

7 Civic and Ethnic Nationalist Narratives in Ethiopia / Sarah

Part 3: Politics and the State

8 Militarism and Nationalism in Japan / Trevor W.

9 Who Are the Nationalists? A Profile of Scottish National Party
Supporters / Michael Rosie and Ross Bond

10 After the PRI: Neo-Liberalism and Nationalism in Mexico /
Julián Castro-Rea

Part 4: The International Dimension

11 Messianic Nationalism: The American Imperative / Michael

12 Islamic Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Middle East /
Trevor W. Harrison

13 Progressive Inter-Nationalist Nationalisms: The Return of
Transformative, Anti-Imperialist Traditions / Gordon Laxer

14 Implacable Foes or Strange Bedfellows? The Promise and Pitfalls
of Eco-Nationalism in a Globalized World / John Hannigan

Conclusion / Trevor W. Harrison and Slobodan Drakulic