Mountain Fever

Historic Conquests of Ranier

Aubrey L. Haines
Foreword by Ruth Kirk

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  • Published: 1999
  • Subject Listing: Western History
  • Bibliographic information: 278 pp., 5.875 x 9 in.
  • Series: Columbia Northwest Classics
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"This book-a collector's item-will be cherished by all who have set foot on the peak and who have been inspired by its distant views."
-William O. Douglas
Foreword by Ruth Kirk
Preface to the Original Edition
Wanderers in the Wilderness, 1833-57
Conquest of the Heights, 1858-70
Solitudes Forever Broken, 1871-84
Lower Gardens of Eden, 1885-88
Widening the Ripple, 1889-90
Pearl of Great Price, 1891-92
Men of the Mountain, 1893-94
A National Park Forever
Appendix: A Summary of Ascents and Near Ascents, 1852-94

"The spirit of the pioneering mountaineer emanates from Mountain Fever, a superb account of the 19th century conquests of the highest and most imposing of Pacific Northwest mountains, Mt. Rainier. [This] is the history of organized mountaineering in the Northwest as well as of Mt. Rainier and those who accepted its challenge. It carries those stories to the turn of the century when Mt. Rainier achieved the status of a national park."
-Portland Oregonian

"Haines' story begins with the day Capt. George Vancouver sighted the snowy mountain in 1792. The author sifted accounts of the first climbers, Dr. William F. Tolmie who went to the ridge above the forks of the Mowich River in 1833, the Bailey-Edgar-Ford party, which may have reached the summit in 1851, the unknown climbers guided by a Yakima Indian, Saluskin, in 1855 and the 1857 attempt of Lieut. August V. Kautz. These were the men who penetrated the wilderness without blazing a trail."
-Seattle Times