Encountering the Stranger

A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue

Edited by Leonard Grob and John K. Roth

  • Published: 2013
  • Subject Listing: Jewish Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 304 pp., 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: World Rights
  • Series: Stephen S. Weinstein Series in Post-Holocaust Studies
  • Contents

In an age when "collisions of faith" among the Abrahamic traditions continue to produce strife and violence that threatens the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide, the contributors to Encountering the Stranger - six Jewish, six Christian, and six Muslim scholars - takes responsibility to examine their traditions' understandings of the stranger, the "other," and to identify ways that can bridge divisions and create greater harmony.
Leonard Grob is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. John K. Roth is Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College. The other contributors are Rachel N. Baum, Margaret Brearley, Britta Frede-Wenger, Henry Greenspan, Peter J. Haas, Riffat Hassan, Zayn Kassam, Henry F. Knight, Hubert G. Locke, Rochelle L. Millen, Khaleel Mohammed, David Patterson, Didier Pollefeyt, B┘lent Senay, Sana Tayyen, and Bassam Tibi.

"The subject is critical. In our pluralistic world, the need to encounter the stranger is not only a question of hospitality. It is a matter of our survival. Given the enormity of our global issues, it is clear that no one nation, culture, or religion can solve the problems. We simply have to co-operate and collaborate."
-Imam Jamal Rahman, author of The Fragrance of Faith: The Enlightened Heart of Islam

"Encountering the Stranger is an exciting, rewarding book, a pathbreaking work full of theological treasures, insights, and stimulating ideas."
-Martin Rumscheidt, Atlantic School of Theology

"This is an important scholarly event, a teaching tool, and a resource for clergy formation and informal adult religious studies. The prominence of the contributors will help the book reach a wide range of constituencies and the accessible presentation of the divergent perspectives gathered here will grip readers."
-George R. Wilkes, University of Edinburgh

Prologue: Trialogue Is the Way
Leonard Grob and John K. Roth

i. In The Shadow of the Holocaust: Safeguarding the Stranger

1 "You Shall Not Murder": A Foundation for Trialogue?
John K. Roth

2 Whom May I Kill?
Zayn Kassam

3"Where Is Your Brother?": Jewish Teachings on the "Stranger"
David Patterson

4?Canopies of Hospitality: Post-Shoah Christian Faith and Making Room for Others?
Henry F. Knight

5 The Place of Non-Muslims in the Islamic Concept of the "Other": The Need for Rethinking Islamic Tradition in the Pursuit
of Religious Pluralism
Bassam Tibi

6 The Jewish Roots of Emmanuel Levinas's
Metaphysics of Welcome
Leonard Grob

ii. The "Other" in the Scripture and Tradition: Valuing the Stranger

7 Encountering the Stranger in Classic Rabbinic Judaism
Peter J. Haas

8 Encountering the Stranger: Aspects of Medieval Christianity
Margaret Brearley

9Noah and Others: Pluralism in Ancient and Modern Judaism
Rochelle L. Millen

10Normative Islamic (Qur'anic) Teachings on Pluralism: Reflections on "The People of the Book"
Riffat Hassan

11 Reflexivity and Tawallö between Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Bčlent Senay

12 Encountering the Other: Enemy or Stranger?
Hubert G. Locke

iii. The Hospitality of Pluralism: Welcoming the Stranger

13 Ora
Henry Greenspan

14Bearers of the Rings: Reflections on Christian Spirituality and the Theology of Religions
Britta Frede-Wenger

15 Litarafoo: The Dialogical Method
Sana Tayyen

16 Loving the Stranger: Intimacy between Jews and Non-Jews
Rachel N. Baum

17 When Certainty Becomes Immaterial
Khaleel Mohammed

18 Interreligious Dialogue beyond Absolutism, Relativism, and
Particularism: A Catholic Approach to Religious Diversity
Didier Pollefeyt

Epilogue: What Should Be Remembered?
Leonard Grob and John K. Roth

Selected Bibliography
Editors and Contributors