Public Art by the Book

Edited by Barbara Goldstein

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  • Published: 2005
  • Subject Listing: Art History
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  • Published with: Americans for the Arts, Washington, DC
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Public Art by the Book is a nuts and bolts guide for arts professionals and volunteers creating public art in their communities. Should a public art program depend on public funding, public-private partnerships, or both? What are the roles that citizens can play in their community's public art program? Can artists themselves ever initiate public artworks? With a wealth of wisdom on practical issues, this book offers information on a variety of topics such as public art planning, funding, and governance; establishing legal agreements with artists; and commissioning single artworks or creating comprehensive art programs.

Since the earliest monuments and memorials were installed in the United States, definitions of public art have continued to evolve. Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency saw the creation of the Works Progress Administration and the beginning of comprehensive federally sponsored art programs, and 1950s Philadelphia became the first city to pass percent-for-art legislation. As artists have turned their attention toward creating in the public realm rather than simply placing their art in public spaces, public art has assumed a much broader role in community life than ever before. Since the 1990s, the public art resources available to artists and their communities have greatly expanded.Today there are more than three hundred government-funded public art programs in the United States, in addition to scores of public-private partnerships and private agencies creating art in public spaces.

Public Art by the Book is the definitive resource for information on public art for local government, arts agencies, arts professionals, and artists themselves. Examples included are cited from cities such as Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle.
Barbara Goldstein is public art program director for San Jose's Office of Cultural Affairs.
Preface - Barbara Goldstein
Part 1: Planning
Designing a Public Art Plan: How to Structure a Process and a Product to Meet Your Needs - Jessical Cusick
- Fact Sheet: Selected Public Art Plans
Part 2: Funding
Government-Based Funding Models
Public Support for Public Art - Barbara Goldstein
- Ordinance: City of Seattle
- Fact Sheet: City of Seattle
- Ordinance 149425: City of Portland
- Ordinance 161537: City of Portland
- Ordinance 811: Multnomah County, Oregon
- Fact Sheet: Regional Arts and Culture Council
- Fact Sheet: Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency
- Ordinance 2552: City of Kent, Washington
- Fact Sheet: City of Kent, Washington
- Council Policy: City of San Diego
- Fact Sheet: City of San Diego
Private Funding Models
Private Support for Public Art: Three Model Organizations - Penny Balkin Bach
- Fact Sheet: Creative Time
- Project Profile: Art on the Plaza
- Project Profile: The 59th Minute
- Fact Sheet: Fairmount Park Art Association
- Project Profile: Form and Function
- Project Profile: New*Land*Marks
- Fact Sheet: Public Art Fund
- Project Profile: Major Initiatives with Established Artists
- Project Profile: In the Public Realm
Part 3: Exhibiting Public Art
Public Art on Campus - Shelly Willis
Art in the Workplace: Management of the Seattle Portable Works Collection - Sean Elwood
- Guidelines for the Exhibition of Art Owned by the City of Seattle
Part 4: Project Types
Artist-Initiated Projects
The Glory and the Dream of Public Art - Helen Lessick
Case Study: The HorseHead Project - Matthew Lennon
Case Study: Socrates Sculpture Park - Helen Lessick
Case Study: Public Art Affairs: Profile of a FORECAST Program - Jack Becker
Ephemeral Public Art - Patricia C. Phillips
Gifts and Memorials
Developing a Policy for Gifts and Memorials - Barbara Goldstein
- Gift Review Policy: Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Seattle
- Portland Memorials Policy: Placing Memorials in Public Park
Revising Rosie the Riveter: From Public Art to National Park - Donna Graves
Case Study: Designing the Rosie the Riveter Memorial - Susan Schwartzenberg
Community-Generated Projects
Community-Based Public Art Programs - Barbara Goldstein
Design Team Projects
The Artist and the Design Team - Barbara Goldstein
Design Teams: A Brief History - Norie Sato
Artist-in-Residence Projects
Models for Residency Programs in Public Art - Barbara Goldstein
The Art of Infrastructure - Laura Haddad
Case Study: Mierle Laderman Ukeles at New York's Department of Sanitation - Tom Finkelpearl
Part 5: Practice
Artist Selection Methods
Public Art Network's Call for Artists Resource Guide - Renee Piechocki
- Sample Request for Qualifications
- Sample Request for Proposals
Roster-Based Selection - Cath Brunner
Case Study: A Public-Private Partnership - Cath Brunner
Case Study: Prive Use of a Public Roster - Cath Brunner
Basic Considerations - Ruri Yampolsky
Typical Elements of an Artist Contract - Ruri Yampolsky
- Engineer and Artist Agreement: San Diego Commision for Arts and Culture
- Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Artist-Made Building Parts: King County, Washington
- Agreement to Purchase Artistic Goods and Services for ABC Company: City of Seattle
Public Art Education
Beyond the Ribbon Cutting: Education and Programming Strategies for Public Art Projects and Programs - Renee Piechocki
- Sample Press Release: Public Art Fund
Public Art Maintenance
Planning for Maintenance - Ruri Yampolsky
The Nuts and Bolts of a Maintenance Program - Peggy Kendellen and Robert Krueger
- Conservation Record, Two-Dimensional Work of Art: Regional Arts and Culture Council
- Conservation Record, Three-Dimensional Work of Art: Regional Arts and Culture Council
- Conservation Record, Prints: Regional Arts and Culture Council
- Portland Parks and Recreation Maintenance Agreement for Sculpture in City of Portland Parks: Regional Arts and Culture Council
Recordkeeping and Public Art - Patricia Favero
- Policy for Review and De-Accession of City-Owned Works of Art: City of Seattle
Part 6: Legal Issues
Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA)
The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 - Ruri Yampolsky
The Impact of the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 on the Use and Redevelopment of City or County Property - Gordon B. Davidson
- VARA Consent Form
Applying the Federal Copyright Law to Public Art - Thomas Hayton
Part 7: Resources
Guide to Public Art Resources
Index to Public Art Programs
Neighborhood Matching-Fund Grant Programs
Print and Video Resources
The Contributors

"This is a handy publication specifically tailored for the American audience, full of useful definitions, explanations and examples, while covering main themes such as planning, funding and exhibiting public arts."
-Art History

"This long awaited nuts and bolts guide to the complex- and often challenging- field of public art is a must-have..[T]he definitive resource for information for local government, arts agencies, arts professionals, and artists themselves."
-Public Art Review

"A specialized guidebook but an indispensable one."
-Salem Statesman Journal

"This new publication fills a gap where information has been needed. It offers a valuable compendium of first-hand experience and will be a welcome addition to any library collection serving practicing or aspiring artists and arts administrators."
-Art Documentation