Pictorial Anatomy of the Dogfish

Stephen G. Gilbert

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  • Published: 1981
  • Subject Listing: Science
  • Bibliographic information: 66 pp.
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Two new laboratory manuals, Pictorial Anatomy of the Dogfish and Pictorial Anatomy of the Necturus, have just been added to the highly acclaimed series of dissection guides by Stephen G. Gilbert.

The new manuals contain all the features of those already published and widely adopted as textbooks throughout the English-speaking world:

- Realistic illustrations drawn directly from dissections

- Integrated text and self-explanatory plates so that no other textbook is required

- Complete dissection instructions

- Anatomical relationshs fully described and illustrated

- Structures indicated by numbers; arteries, veins, and nerves shown in red, blue, and yellow, respectively, for easy identification

- Numerous lateral views showing relationships not seen in the standard ventral dissection

- Each subject illustrated by a small marginal diagram so that the student never has to turn another page to see an illustration of the subject under discussion
1) The Skeleton
2) The Muscles
3) The Digestive and Respiratory Systems
4) The Circulatory System
5) The Urogenital System
6) The Nervous System
7) The Sense Organs