Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat

Stephen G. Gilbert

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  • Published: 1975
  • Subject Listing: Education
  • Bibliographic information: 128 pp.
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This book is designed for use as a dissection guide in comparative vertebrate anatomy or in mammalian anatomy. The material covered and the time allotted to such courses varies considerably, and the illustrations are therefore designed to enable the instructor to point out the important features of areas which cannot be dissected in detail by every student.

"The text describes the norm, and for the sake of brevity the numerous variations which may be encountered in the laboratory are not described. I have used a combination of diagrammatic marginal illustrations, which are labeled directly, and larger realistic illustration, which are labeled with numbered keys."
-Stephen G. Gilbert
1) The Skeleton
2) The Muscles
3) The Digestive and Respiratory Systems
4) The Urogenital System
5) The Circulatory System
6) The Nervous System
7) The Eye
8) The Ear
Definitions of Descriptive Terms