Pursuing Academic Freedom

"Free and Fearless"?

Edited by Len Findlay and Paul Bidwell

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  • Published: January 2017
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Academic freedom suggests the ability to investigate and openly discuss all topics and ideas, even those which may seem irrelevant, controversial, or even dangerous. However, academic freedom often means something quite different in practice. This discrepancy between theory and reality is the subject of this book, and is explored in a wide range of examples and analyses. This collection of essays begins with a detailed examination of the history of academic freedom, then explores the complexities of its practice in different institutional settings, and outlines some of the most difficult challenges it currently faces.
Len Findlay is professor of English and director of the Humanities Research Unit at the University of Saskatchewan. A former vice president (External Communications) of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada and postsecondary policy analyst on universities for government, he has published numerous essays on academic disciplines and on the nature of the university. Paul Bidwell is chair of the Department of English at the University of Saskatchewan. A specialist in Modern British Literature, he also has wide experience in developing institution-wide academic agendas and a strong interest in academic governance.
Preface / L. M. Findlay, Humanities Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan

Introduction / P. M. Bidwell, English, University of Saskatchewan

Academic Freedom in Canada: Past, Present, and Future / Michiel Horne, History, York University

Administering and Protecting Academic Freedom / Peter MacKinnon, President, University of Saskatchewan

Academic Freedom: The Troubling Present and Questionable Future / Marvin Brown, Psychology, University of Saskatchewan

Rebutting a Millennium of Moral Teaching? The Judicial Response to Cases on Homosexuality and Education / Bruce MacDougall, Law, University of British Columbia

Public School Teachers and Curricular Speech: The Case for Academic Freedom / Paul Clarke, Education, University of Regina

Academic Freedom in Schools: Creating a Balance / Lyle Vinish, Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

At the Margins of Academic Freedom / Susan Vincent, Anthropology, University of New Brunswick

Academic Freedom in the Bright Light of Day: Universities and the Media in an Age of Accountability / Victor Dwyer, formerly of Maclean's

Media Freedom: Nitty Gritty Restraints and Possibilities / Stephen Ward, Journalism, University of British Columbia

Censorship From Libraries to the Internet: Intellectual Freedom and Libraries / Linda Fritz, Library, University of Saskatchewan

Data Liberation and Academic Freedom / Wendy Watkins, Library, Carleton University, and Ernie Boyko, Statistics Canada

Data Liberation and Academic Freedom: A Response / John Courtney, Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan

Speaking Truth to Power: Freedom of Expression and the Law of Copyright / Shelley Wright, Law, University of Sydney

Are Closer Ties with Business Undermining Academic Freedom? / Howard Woodhouse, Educational Foundations, University of Saskatchewan

The "Lost Utopia" of Academic Freedom - Intellectuals and the Ethos of the "Deinstitutionalized" University / Jerry Zaslove, English, Simon Fraser University

The Architecture of Institution / Dawne McCance, Religious Studies, University of Manitoba

Decolonizing the University: Indigenous Contexts for Academic Freedom / Marie Battiste, Indian and Northern Education Program, University of Saskatchewan

Towards Positive (Academic) Freedom / Jackie Heslop, English, University of Victoria

Academic Theory, Freedom, Autonomy, Duty / L. M. Findlay, English and Humanities Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan