Gyppo Logger

Margaret Elley Felt
With a New Foreword by Robert E. Walls

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  • Published: 2002
  • Subject Listing: Western History
    Environmental History
  • Bibliographic information: 328 pp., 16 illus., 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Territorial rights: world
  • Series: Columbia Northwest Classics
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Margaret Elley Felt’s autobiographical Gyppo Logger, originally published in 1963, tells a story almost universally overlooked in the history of the logging industry: the emergence of family-based, independent contract or "gyppo" loggers in the post-World War II timber economy, and the crucial role of women within that economy. For seven years Margaret Felt was her husband’s partner in their logging business — driving truck, keeping the wage rolls, and jawboning her way into more credit at the supply stores.

Margaret Elley Felt is the author of four books in addition to Gyppo Logger. She has also contributed to popular magazines including National Wildlife and Parents Magazine, and was an editor and public information officer for several Washington State agencies.

"Gyppo Logger demonstrates how gyppo wives remade the formerly masculine terrain of logging through their unpaid but vital economic activities in both private and public forums. And it was, arguably, the success of these family businesses that facilitated the dramatic and rapid physical redesign of Northwest forests" - Robert E. Walls

"Operating on little capital, substandard equipment, and always on the brink of financial failure, gyppo loggers multiplied in the Pacific Northwest woods in the two decades following the end of the Second World War. Reckless and daring, working through subcontracts and opposed to labor unions and environmental regulations, gyppos were a throwback to entrepreneurs of an earlier time. Margaret Elley Felt’s Gyppo Logger captures the independent and stubborn spirit of these maverick operators." - William G. Robbins, Oregon State University
Foreword by Bob Walls
1 What is a Gyppo?
2 “Strictly Gyppo”
3 “A-Logging We Will Go”
4 Salvage or Scavenge Logging
5 Great Expectations
6 Of Home and Family
7 New Camp or No New Camp?
8 Some Characters
9 Of Fires and Firebugs
10 Cooks and More Cooks
11 Life of a Wife of a Gyppo
12 Stormy Thanksgiving
13 The Gyppo’s Ingenuity and the Gyppo’s Wife
14 “An Eye for an Eye”
15 Of Death and Taxes
16 The Gyppo Photographer
17 The Last Season for Big Company
18 Memories and Conclusions
19 Here We Go Again