Temple Grove

A Novel

Scott Elliott

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  • Published: May 2013
  • Subject Listing: Fiction
  • Bibliographic information: 240 pp., 6 x 9 in.
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Deep in the heart of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula lies Temple Grove, one of the last stands of ancient Douglas firs not under federal protection from logging. Bill Newton, a gyppo logger desperate for work and a place to hide, has come to Temple Grove for the money to be made from the timber. There to stop him is Paul, a young Makah environmentalist who will break the law to save the trees.

A dangerous chase into the wilds of Olympic National Park ensues, revealing a long-hidden secret that inextricably links the two men. Joining the pursuit are FBI agents who target Paul as an ecoterrorist, and his mother, Trace, who is determined to protect him. Temple Grove is a gripping tale of suspense and a multilayered novel of place that captures in taut, luminous prose the traditions that tie people to this powerful landscape and the conflicts that run deep among them.

Scott Elliott is associate professor of creative writing and English at Whitman College and author of the novel Coiled in the Heart. He lives in Walla Walla, Washington.

"Like Alan Heathcock and Benjamin Percy, Scott Elliott writes from that place where the old myths and the new stories collide. In Temple Grove, he reminds us of what it means to be lost to everyone and everything we have ever loved...and to be found again. It is a story of longing, cruelty, forgiveness, and redemption, shot through with intimate descriptions of a land on the cusp of ruin that will break your heart with their beauty." - Kim Barnes, author of In the Kingdom of Men

Reading guide:

“A subtle, brooding novel of environmentalism and human complexities set in the Pacific Northwest.”
– Shelf Awareness, July 2013

"Elliott provides a worthwhile exploration of the conflicting interests of tradition, commerce, and the environment. A good choice for readers interested in ecofiction and regional literature." -Christine Perkins, Library Journal, May 2013

"Temple Grove's geographical backdrop is not incidental but serves as a character itself. Knowledge of the Olympic Peninsula exudes from the pages as though they were printed from an old growth and the trees were speaking for themselves." -Devan Schwartz, The Oregonian, Mary 2013

"Elliott layers suspense with Greek myth, native legend and personal back stories to create an existentialist puzzle. He offers nuanced observations of character, family, and society, lightly seasoned with a Pacific Northwest brand of magical realism." -Barbara Lloyd McMichael, The Seattle Times, May 2013

"Scott Elliott's compelling prose vividly captures the essence of its wilderness setting." -Joni Rodgers,, May 2013

"Tribal culture, environmental concerns, and the need for work in a land where beauty won't put food on the table lead to adventurous encounters, dangerous forest pursuits, and questions . . . to take to . . . book clubs to discuss." -Trina Hayes, Hungry for Good Books, May 2013