Floral Journey

Native North American Beadwork

Lois S. Dubin

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  • Published: May 2014
  • Subject Listing: Native American and Indigenous Studies; Art History / Native American and Indigenous Art
  • Bibliographic information: 256 pp., 250 color illus., 11 x 9.50 in.
  • Published with: Autry National Center of the American West
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Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork is the compelling story of why Native floral beadwork became both a major means of artistic expression and a symbol of cultural resilience. It is also an important example of how two differing cultures - Native and European - established a common ground of economic and creative exchange.
Lois S. Dubin is the author of Adornment: The Art of Barbara Natoli Witt; Grand Procession: Artistic Visions of American Indian /The Diker Collection at the Denver Art Museum; North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment; and The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. to the Present.

"Floral Journey honors the remarkable depth and enduring vitality of Native North Americans' beadwork artistic traditions, fostering for all readers a deeper appreciation and accessible understanding of Native aesthetics through beaded adornments."
-Martine J. Reid, Bill Reid Foundation
Preface / W. Richard West, Jr. (Cheyenne)

Acknowledgments / Lois S. Dubin

Foreword / Joe Baker (Delaware)


Cosmology: Sacred Foundations, Art, and Floral Imagery

Adornment: History, Trade, and Transformation

Native Expressions

Gifts from the Sun
-The Woodlands
-Southeastern Woodlands
-Northeastern Woodlands
-The Great Lakes

Flowers and Furs
-The Subarctice
-The Cree
-The Metis
-The Northern Athapaskan (Dene)

The Delaware Pouch

A Floral Gathering: The Prairie Style

Strong Medicine: The Great Plains

Power in the Flower: The Plateau

Floral Crossroads: The Great Basin

The Octopus Bag

Flowers and Formal Attire: Indians and Cowboys

Contemporary Floral Expressions

Contemporary Expressions: The Cultural Continuum

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