Contradictory Impulses

Canada and Japan in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Greg Donaghy and Patricia E. Roy

  • Published: 2008. Paperback 2009
  • Subject Listing: Asian Studies
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Canada's early participation in the Asia-Pacific region was hindered by "contradictory impulses." For over half a century, racist restrictions curtailed immigration from Japan, even as Canadian entrepreneurs, missionaries, and diplomats manoeuvred for access to the Orient. Since then, Canada's relations with Japan have changed profoundly, and the two countries' political, economic, and diplomatic interests are now more closely aligned and wrapped up in a web of reinforcing cultural and social ties.

Contradictory Impulses is a comprehensive and richly documented study of the social, political, and economic interactions between Canada and Japan from the late nineteenth century until today. The chapters, written by leading scholars, provide a portrait of a nation growing into its Pacific identity and also raise pointed questions about the future of Canada's relations with Japan and the vast Pacific region.

Contradictory Impulses challenges our historic understanding of Canada's place in the world. This portrait of a nation growing into its Pacific identity raises pointed questions about the future of Canada's relations with Japan and the vast Pacific region. It will appeal to scholars, policymakers, and others interested in Canada's relations with Japan and the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Contributors: Greg Donaghy, Carin Holroyd, Masako Iino, Hamish Ion, Gregory A. Johnson, John Kirton, Richard Leclerc, John D. Meehan, Galen Perras, John Price, Bill Rawling, Greg Robinson, Patricia E. Roy, David Sulz, Marie-Josee Therrien.
Greg Donaghy is Head of the Historical Section at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Patricia E. Roy is a professor emerita of history at the University of Victoria and a member of the Royal Society of Canada.
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Introduction / Greg Donaghy and Patricia E. Roy

1. Soul Searchers and Soft Power: The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in Japan, 1873-1951 / Hamish Ion

2. God's Envoys: Canadian Catholic Missionaries in Japan, 1898-2000 / Richard Leclerc

3. Transitional Relations: Japanese Immigration and the Suian Maru Affair, 1900-11 / David Sulz

4. A Menace to the Country and the Empire: Perceptions of the Japanese Military Threat to Canada before 1931 / Gregory A. Johnson and Galen Roger Perras

5. Pacific Beginnings: Canada and Japan between the Wars, 1929-41 / John D. Meehan

6. Only If Necessary: Canada's War against Japan, 1941-45 /
Bill Rawling

7. Rethinking the Occupation: E.H. Norman, Canada, and the American Empire in Asia, 1945-51 / John Price

8. Two Other Solitudes: Encounters between Japanese Canadians and French Canadians, 1900-50 / Greg Robinson

9. Reopening the Door: Japanese Remigration and Immigration, 1945-68 / Patricia E. Roy

10. Under the Radar: Japanese Investment in Canada since 1945 / Carin Holroyd

11. Smiling Diplomacy Redux: Trudeau's Engagement with Japan, 1968-76 / Greg Donaghy

12. North Pacific Neighbours in a New World: Canada-Japan Relations, 1984-2006 / John Kirton

13. Canadian Chanceries in Tokyo / Marie-Josee Therrien

14. Projecting Canada in Japan: Reflections on the Japanese Association for Canadian Studies, 1979-2004 / Masako Iino

Conclusion / Patricia E. Roy and Greg Donaghy

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