Stranger in Paradise

The Works of Reverend Howard Finster

Glen C. Davies

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  • Published: 2010
  • Subject Listing: Art
  • Bibliographic information: 152 pp., 95 color illus., 8 x 10 in.
  • Distributed for: Krannert Art Museum
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An evangelistic preacher in paint and self-proclaimed "man of visions," Reverend Howard Finster became one of the most widely known and prolific self-taught artists, producing over 46,000 pieces of art by his death in 2001. Finster often referred to himself as "a stranger from another world" and "God's last red light on the planet earth." He saw himself as a sacred artist, fulfilling his visionary prophesies revealed to him by God through a heavenly, outer space world. Thus Finster believed he was to disperse warnings to people to save their souls from the horrors of hell. These experiences were very real to Finster and provided a seemingly limitless variety of images for his art, and content for his rapid fire, stream-of-consciousness monologues.

This book provides an in-depth survey of Finster's career, illustrating the variety of themes inherent in his work, much of it relating to his visionary experiences, including: Visions of Other Worlds, Sermons in Paint, Historical and Cultural Heroes and The Plant Farm Museum [Paradise Garden].