A Community of Collectors

75 Anniversary Gifts to the Seattle Art Museum

Edited by Chiyo Ishikawa

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  • Published: 2008
  • Subject Listing: Anthropology
  • Bibliographic information: 304 pp., 200 color illus., 10 x 13 in.
  • Distributed for: Seattle Art Museum
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This volume celebrates an unprecedented series of gifts to the Seattle Art Museum on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. The gifts - nearly 1,000 works from more than forty collections - have significantly enhanced the museum's holdings and reinforced the museum's dedication to artistic excellence. A Community of Collectors includes essays by nine curators who have selected some of the most significant works of art given, pledged, and promised to the museum to be featured. The book offers a sense of the collection's depth and future direction and highlights this gem shinning in the Emerald City.

From seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes to Roy Lichtenstein's Still Life with Silver Pitcher; paintings by Marsden Hartley, Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper and a sculpture of Gwendolyn Knight by Augusta Savage to Asmat war shields from New Guinea; the works considered here touch on the extraordinary richness and variety of the Seattle Art Museum's collections.

The book includes essays by Barbara Brotherton, Michael Darling, Julie Emerson, Chiyo Ishikawa, Patricia Junker, Pam McClusky, Marisa Sanchez, Yukuko Shirahara, and Josh Yiu.
Donors and Funders of Works of Art Given or Promised in Honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum

Foreword / Mimi Gardner Gates

A Community of Collectors / Chiyo Ishikawa

Semblance without Being: New Still Lifes / Chiyo Ishikawa

A Story in Paint / Michael Darling

Building with Cloth Blocks / Pamela McClusky

Completing the Map / Pamela McClusky

Contemporary Korean Art and Cultural Identity / Yukiko Shirahara

More than an Object / Marisa C. Sánchez

Caught on Film / Michael Darling

To Mask or Not to Mask / Pamela McClusky

Repeat, Repeat / Pamela McClusky

The Art of War / Pamela McClusky

Native Art of the Northwest Coast / Barbara Brotherton

Studio Glass: Tradition and Innovation / Michael Darling

The Chinese Connection and the Chinese Collection at the Seattle Art Museum / Josh Yiu

Ukiyo-e: The Aesthetics of Pleasure / Yukiko Shirahara

Tsuji Kako and the Modern Spirit / Yukiko Shirahara

A Restless Heart / Chiyo Ishikawa

British Taste in Colonial Boston / Patricia Junker and Julie Emerson

America in the Artful Age / Patricia Junker

New York Stories / Patricia Junker

The Seattle Art Museum and the Northwest School / Patricia Junker

Chronology of the Seattle Art Museum

Photography Credits

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"A Community of Collectors reflects SAM's newly found largesse, [and] it stands up on its own as an art book worth having."
-City Living