The Book of Men and Women


David Biespiel

  • Published: 2009. Paperback 2013
  • Subject Listing: Literature / Poetry
  • Bibliographic information: 80 pp., 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: World Rights
  • Series: Pacific Northwest Poetry Series
  • Contents

David Biespiel's energetic language, so varied and musical and precise, is quite unmatched by that of other contemporary poets. The Book of Men and Women is his second collection in the Pacific Northwest Poetry Series, and as always he is the master of the long line, his words strung across its reach as tightly as beads. But new poems in this book explore the intimacies of the shorter line as well and display Biespiel's formal inventiveness and emotional range.

The Book of Men and Women addresses our time and human condition in ways both domestic and global. The first section of the book is filled with the wonderful agitation of spell-making language. The poems are connected to the social and historical world, and yet at the same time, they prepare us for the mythic story about men and women that is promised in the book's title. The second section is more formally restrained and as such imbues the speaker with the distinction and melancholy gravitas that characterize the collection. We see this in the remarkable and fully imagined tour de force, "William Clark's Sonnets."

The book concludes with a series of autobiographical poems that confront the frailties of love and desire with unflinching intimacy and gratitude. These last poems, composed during an intense three-month period of writing, as well as the other poems in this remarkable volume, showcase Biespiel at the very top of his form.
David Biespiel is president and writer-in-residence at The Attic Writers' Workshop.
Evening Watch

Genesis 12
Poet at Forty
Though Your Sins Be Scarlet
The Ex-Lovers Close Down the Hawthorne Boulevard
Bars on the 1000th Night of the War
The Sleeping Beauty
Dover Butch
Citizen Dave
Tale Bearer

Mississippi God Damn
Richard Hugo
Old Adam Outside the Wall of Eden
Genesis 27
William Clark's Sonnets
Ezra Pound
Bad Marriages
Luke's Ukulele
Mass Man

The Husband's Tale
The Wife's Tale
The Wife's Tale (II)
The Crooner
A Cloud of Crows
Engine Man
Little Crow
Rag and Bone Man

Man and Wife
Bloom and Decay
The Hummingbird
Psalm 51
The Green Bed
Ovid in Exile
Dissolution in Winter
O'Bryant Square
The Theory of Hats


About the Poet

A Note on the Type

"When David Biespiel tempers his 'bared teeth' voice with a commitment to the things, and not just the atmospheres, of this world, he can register sharp portraits of people, in relationships and alone, in all their bitter, beautiful want."
-Poetry Magazine

"In his book about regret, longing, and loss, Biespiel explores the intricacies of relationships between men and women in settings both real and imaginary."
-The Poetry Foundation

"Biespiel is a true poetic innovator."
-The Portland Mercury

"Biespiel has a gift for transformation . . . he can make a command sound like an incantation. He can create psalm-like beauty from the repetition of a simple phrase . . . one must note the instances of raw brilliance."

"[Biespiel] writes with a belief in the redemptive powers of poetry."

"Biespiel's debut collection is sustained by a search for transcendent, intuitive truths."
-Publisher's Weekly