Joel-Francois Durand in the Mirror Land

Jonathan W. Bernard

  • Published: 2005
  • Subject Listing: Music, Autobiography
  • Bibliographic information: 278 pp., full musical score plus examples, bibliog., index, 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: World Rights
  • Published with: Perspectives of New Music
  • Contents

The second part of this volume comprises four essays on Durand's music, contributed by three of his former composition students - Christian Asplund, Eric Flesher, and Ryan M. Hare - and by his colleague, music theorist Jonathan W. Bernard, who has also edited and introduced this absorbing portrait of the composer.
Joel-Francois Durand is professor of composition and Jonathan W. Bernard is professor of theory, both in the School of Music, University of Washington.
Editor's Introduction
Texts and Music by Durand
- In the Mirror Land: Reflections on a Self-Reflection (2004)
- Melody - Three Situations: Un Feu distinct, La Terre et le feu, Athanor (2004)
- On Some Aspects of the Piano Concerto: Time as Generator of Space through Melody and Harmony (1996)
- In the Mirror Land: Version for Flute and Oboe (2003)
Texts by Others
- Thematic Adaptation in Recent Works of Joel-Francois Durand / Eric Flesher
- Centers, Fields, and Cracks: Some Solutions to the Problems of Contemporary Composition in the Music of Joel-Francois Durand / Ryan M. Hare
- "As if to illustrate the process of creation itself": Joel-Francois Durand's Lichtung / Christian Asplund
- Durand, Bernhard, and Form / Jonathan W. Bernard
List of Works