Art History


Art AIDS America

by Jonathan David Katz and Rock Hushka

Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan

by Margaret W. Morton

In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum

edited by Robin K. Wright and Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse New in Paperback

Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form, 50th Anniversary Edition

by Bill Holm


Art of the Northwest Coast

by Aldona Jonaitis

Artists Reclaim the Commons: New Works / New Territories / New Publics

edited by Glenn Harper and Twylene Moyer

Bioart and the Vitality of Media

by Robert E. Mitchell

Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body

edited by Barbara Thompson

Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of The Benue River Valley

edited by Marla C. Berns, Richard Fardon, and Sidney Littlefield Kasfir

Chigusa and the Art of Tea

by Louise Allison Cort and Andrew M. Watsky

Discovering Totem Poles: A Traveler's Guide

by Aldona Jonatis

Heritage Management in Korea and Japan: The Politics of Antiquity and Identity

by Hyung Il Pai

In Extremis: Death and Life in 21st Century Haitian Art

edited by Donald J. Cosentino

Making Race: Modernism and "Racial Art" in America

by Jacqueline Francis

Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mythical and the Mystical

by Patricia A. Junker

The Totem Pole: An Intercultural History

by Aldona Jonaitis and Aaron Glass

Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art, 1775-2012

by Barbara C. Matilsky

Visions from the Forest: The Art of Liberia and Sierra Leone

edited by Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers and Alexander Bortolot

War Baby / Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art

edited by Laura Kina and Wei Ming Dariotis