News Release

Alter wins LA Times Book Prizes' Kirsch Award

Robert Alter, author of The Invention of Hebrew Prose: Modern Fiction and the Language of Realism, has been awarded the 29th annual Robert Krisch for Lifetime Excellence, which will be announced at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on April 24.

Alter, a University of California, Berkeley, professor has authored 22 books on the Bible, literary modernism, and contemporary Hebrew literature. This year's presenters will include Chris Abani, A. Scott Berg, Robert Crais, Dana Goodyear, Jonathan Kirsch, Doyle McManus, Patt Morrison, Jim Newton, and Susan Straight.

The Los Angeles Times Book Prizes were established in 1980 and include a $1,000 cash award. Finalists are selected by eight three-member committees (the fiction panel covers both the fiction and first fiction categories) composed primarily of published authors.