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Marxist Intellectuals and the Chinese Labor Movement
A Study of Deng Zhongxia (1894-1933)

Daniel Y. K. Kwan

Deng Zhongxia, the organizer and leader of the Guangzhou (Canton)-Hong Kong General Strike of 1925-26, was one of China's foremost labor activists. Marxist Intellectuals and the Chinese Labor Movement is the first English-language examination of Deng's career and thought. It extends into a wider assessment of the relationship between the Chinese labor movement and the Chinese Communist revolution, considering the conflicting interests of workers and Marxist intellectuals and the differences between local and national concerns.

Deng, like most of the leaders of the labor movement during the mid-1920s in south China, was from an intellectual, rather than a working-class, background. His politicization during the May Fourth period was representative of a general trend toward social and political radicalism among young intellectuals in search of solutions for China's problems. He became an accomplished political writer and editor and an influential leader and organizer. More important, his political experience reveals the fundamental dilemma caused by the conflicting visions of revolution held by workers and by Marxist intellectual Party leaders.

Using newly available materials, this study makes a major contribution to the current historiography of the Chinese Communist movement. It also provides a comprehensive account of the most important labor movement in modern China and a critical assessment of its contribution to the Chinese revolution. Students and specialists in modern Chinese history and politics and those interested in labor movements and in communism in general will find this study enlightening.

Daniel Y. K. Kwan teaches modern East Asian history at University College of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Jackson School Publications in International Studies

May. 352 pp., 17 photos, tables, notes, glossary, bibliog., index, LC 96-27538, 6" x 9"
Cloth, ISBN 0-295-97601-2, $45.00s

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