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Western History


Anooshi Lingit Aani Ka / Russians in Tlingit America: The Battles of Sitka, 1802 and 1804, edited by Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, and Lydia T. Black

B Street: The Notorious Playground of Coulee Dam, by Lawney L. Reyes

Haa Leelk'w Has Aani Saaz'u / Our Grandparents' Names on the Land, edited by Thomas F. Thornton

How Many Machine Guns Does It Take to Cook One Meal?: The Seattle and San Francisco General Strikes, by Victoria Johnson

The Power of Promises: Rethinking Indian Treaties in the Pacific Northwest, edited by Alexandra Harmon


Alaska, An American Colony, by Stephen Haycox

An Alaska Anthology: Interpreting the Past, edited by Stephen W. Haycox
and Mary Childers Mangusso

Archaeology in Washington, by Ruth Kirk and Richard D. Daugherty

Asian America: Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850, by Roger Daniels

The Atomic West, edited by Bruce Hevly and John M. Findlay

The Battle for Butte: Mining and Politics on the Northern Frontier, 1864-1906,
by Michael P. Malone

The Country in the City: The Greening of the San Francisco Bay Area, by Richard A. Walker

Death of Celilo Falls, by Katrine Barber

Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest, by Kevin R. Marsh

Driven Wild: How the Fight against Automobiles Launched the Modern Wilderness Movement,
by Paul S. Sutter

Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares: The Paradox of Old Growth in the Inland West,
by Nancy Langston

Great River of the West: Essays on the Columbia River, edited by William L. Lang
and Robert Carriker

Hard Times in Paradise: Coos Bay, Oregon, Revised Edition, by William G. Robbins

"I Will Fight No More Forever": Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War, by Merrill D. Beal

Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West,
by Mark Fiege

Land in the American West: Private Claims and the Common Good, edited by
William G. Robbins and James C. Foster

Land of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon, Second Edition, by Ken S. Coates and
William R. Morrison

Landscapes of Conflict: The Oregon Story, 1940-2000, by William G. Robbins

Landscapes of Promise: The Oregon Story, 1800-1940. by William G. Robbins

Land Use, Environment, and Social Change: The Shaping of Island County, Washington,
by Richard White

Making Salmon: An Environmental History of the Northwest Fisheries Crisis,
by Joseph E. Taylor III

Messages from Frank's Landing: Salmon, Treaties, and the Indian Way,
by Charles Wilkinson

Mexican Labor and World War II: Braceros in the Pacific Northwest, 1942-1947,
by Erasmo Gamboa

Montana: A History of Two Centuries, Revised Edition, by Michael P. Malone,
Richard B. Roeder, and William L. Lang

Montana Justice: Power, Punishment, and the Penitentiary, by Keith Edgerton

Native Seattle: Histories of the Crossing-Over Place, by Coll Thrush

On American Soil: How Justice Became a Casualty of World War II, by Jack Hamann

Philip Vera Cruz: A Personal History of Filipino Immigrants and the Farmworkers Movement,
by Craig Scharlin and Lilia Villanueva

Profiting from the Plains: The Great Northern Railway and Corporate Development of the American West, by Claire Strom

Prophetic Worlds: Indians and Whites on the Columbia Plateau, by Christopher L. Miller

Reading Portland: The City in Prose, edited by John Trombold and Peter Donahue

Seattle Bungalow: People and Houses, 1900-1940, by Janet Ore

Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California, edited by Lawrence B. de Graaf,
Kevin Mulroy, and Quintard Taylor

To Fish in Common: The Ethnohistory of Lummi Indian Salmon Fishing,
by Daniel L. Boxberger

Washington State: Third Edition, by Charles P. LeWarne

When the River Ran Wild! Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation, by George W. Aguilar Sr.

Women in Pacific Northwest History, Revised Edition, edited by Karen J. Blair

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