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Environmental History / Environmental Studies


Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada, by Stephen J. Pyne

The Country in the City: The Greening of the San Francisco Bay Area, by Richard Walker

DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism: Classic Texts, edited by Thomas R. Dunlap

The Fishermen's Frontier: People and Salmon in Southeast Alaska, by David F. Arnold

Forest Guardians, Forest Destroyers: The Politics of Environmental Knowledge in Northern Thailand, by Tim Forsyth and Andrew Walker

The Lost Wolves of Japan, by Brett L. Walker NEW IN PAPERBACK

Shaping the Shoreline: Fisheries and Tourism on the Monterey Coast, by Connie Y. Chiang

The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, by Cliff Mass


Alaska, an American Colony, by Stephen Haycox

Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in China and Thailand, by Janet C. Sturgeon

Conservation in the Progessive Era: Classic Texts, edited by David Stradling

The Death of Celilo Falls, by Katrine Barber

Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest, by Kevin R. Marsh

Driven Wild: How the Fight against Automobiles Launched the Modern Wilderness
, by Paul S. Sutter

Faith in Nature: Environmentalism as Religious Quest, by Thomas R. Dunlap.

Fire: A Brief History, by Stephen J. Pyne

Fire in America: A Cultural History of Wildland and Rural Fire, by Stephen J. Pyne

Hard Times in Paradise: Coos Bay, Oregon, Revised Edition, by William G. Robbins

Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West,
by Mark Fiege

The Kuhls of Kangra: Community-Managed Irrigation in the Western Himalaya, by J. Mark Baker

Making Mountains: New York City and the Catskills, by David Stradling

Making Salmon: An Environmental History of the Northwest Fisheries Crisis,
by Joseph E. Taylor III

Man and Nature: Or, Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action,
by George Perkins Marsh

Messages from Frank's Landing: A Story of Salmon, Treaties, and the Indian Way,
by Charles Wilkinson

Native Seattle: Histories of the Crossing-Over Place, by Coll Thrush

The Nature of Gold: An Environmental History of the Klondike Gold Rush,
by Kathryn Morse

Plowed Under: Agriculture and Environment in the Palouse, by Andrew P. Duffin

Property and Politics in Sabah, Malaysia: Native Struggles over Land Rights, by Amity A. Doolittle

The Rhine: An Eco-Biography, 1815-2000, by Mark Cioc

Saving Puget Sound: A Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century, by John Lombard

States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century, by Tina Loo

Where Land and Water Meet: A Western Landscape Transformed, by Nancy Langston

Wilderness Forever: Howard Zahniser and the Path to the Wilderness Act, by Mark Harvey

Windshield Wilderness: Cars, Roads, and Nature in Washington's National Parks, by David Louter

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