Samuel and Althea Stroum Books

Supports publication of works of lasting significance concerned with all aspects of the humanities: history; philosophy; literature and language; archeology; the history, theory, and criticism of the arts; comparative religion; and those aspects of the social and natural sciences that employ historical or philosophical approaches.

The Politics of Righteousness: Idaho Christian Patriotism

by James A. Aho

Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America

by Mary Paik Lee. Edited with an Introduction by Sucheng Chan

And the View from the Shore: Literary Traditions of Hawai'i

by Stephen H. Sumida

Dagny: Dagny Juel Przybyszewska, the Woman and the Myth

by Mary Kay Norseng

Doris Chase, Artist in Motion: From Painting and Sculpture to Video Art

by Patricia Failing. Foreword by Ann-Sargent Wooster

Why Not? The Art of Ginny Ruffner

by Bonnie J. Miller. Introduction by Arthur Danto

Change within Tradition among Jewish Women in Libya

by Rachel Simon

Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau

by James D. Keyser

The Centralia Tragedy of 1919: Elmer Smith and the Wobblies

by Tom Copeland. Introduction by Albert F. Gunns

Columbia River Basketry Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth

by Mary Dodds Schlick

Their Day in the Sun: Women of the 1932 Olympics

by Doris H. Pieroth

Seeing with Music: The Lives of Three Blind African Musicians

by Simon Ottenberg

Common Place: Toward Neighborhood and Regional Design

by Douglas Kelbaugh

Answering Chief Seattle

by Albert Furtwangler

Suspended License: Censorship and the Visual Arts

edited by Elizabeth C. Childs

A Sephardi Life in Southeastern Europe: The Autobiography and Journals of Gabriel Arie, 1863-1939

edited by Esther Benbassa and Aron Rodrigue

Costume and Identity in Highland Ecuador

edited by Ann Pollard Rowe. Text by Lynn A. Meisch, Laura M. Miller, Ann P. Rowe et al.

Contemporary Public Art in China: A Photographic Tour

by John T. Young

Along the Edge of Annihilation: The Collapse and Recovery of Life in the Holocaust Diary

by David Patterson

Over the Lip of the World

by Colleen J. McElroy

I'm No Hero: Journeys of a Holocaust Survivor

by Henry Friedman

I Will Tell of My War Story: A Pictorial History of the Nez Perce War

by Scott Thompson

Plains Indian Rock Art

by James D. Keyser and Michael A. Klassen

All Russia Is Burning! A Cultural History of Fire and Arson in Late Imperial Russia

by Cathy A. Frierson

Repairing the American Metropolis: Common Place Revisited

by Douglas Kelbaugh

Ornament: A Modern Perspective

by James Trilling

The Shattered Gourd: Yoruba Forms in Twentieth Century American Art

by Moyo Okediji

Odessa Memories

edited by Nicholas Iljine. Essay by Patricia Herlihy with contributions by Bel Kaufman, Oleg Gubar, and Alexander Rozenboim

Lifesaving Letters: A Child's Flight from the Holocaust

by Milena Roth. Foreword by David Patterson

Jewish Displaced Persons in Camp Bergen-Belsen, 1945-1950: The Unique Photo Album of Zippy Orlin

edited by Erik Somers and Rene Kok

When the River Ran Wild! Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation

by George W. Aguilar Sr. Foreword by Jarold Ramsey

The Odyssey of China's Imperial Art Treasures

by Jeannette Shambaugh Elliott with David Shambaugh

National Park, City Playground: Mount Rainier in the Twentieth Century

by Theodore R. Catton

The Seattle Bungalow: People and Houses, 1900-1940

by Janet Ore

Generated Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric of Reproduction in Early Modern England

by Eve Keller

Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1875

by Russell A. Potter

Heroes, Hacks, and Fools: Memoirs from the Political Inside

by Ted Van Dyk

The Emergence of Genetic Rationality: Space, Time, and Information in American Biological Science, 1870-1920

by Phillip Thurtle

How Many Machine Guns Does It Take to Cook One Meal? The Seattle and San Francisco General Strikes

by Victoria Johnson

Writing Off the Hyphen: New Perspectives on the Literature of the Puerto Rican Diaspora

edited by Jose L. Torres-Padilla and Carmen Haydee Rivera

Paul Horiuchi: East and West

by Barbara Johns

Munch's Ibsen: A Painter's Visions of a Playwright

by Joan Templeton

The Weather of the Pacific Northwest

by Cliff Mass

Jewish Philanthropy and Englightenment in Late-Tsarist Russia

by Brian Horowitz

Resuscitate! How Your Community Can Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

by Mickey S. Eisenberg, M.D.

Seeing Culture Everywhere, from Genocide to Consumer Habits

by Joana Breidenbach and Pal Nyiri

Jews of the Pacific Coast: Reinventing Community on America's Edge

by Ellen Eisenberg, Ava F. Kahn, and William Toll

China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking Tom

by Richard Baum

The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs: Revisiting the Northwest Towns of Richard Hugo

by Frances McCue; photographs by Mary Randlett

Hiking Washington's History

by Judy Bentley

Boundaries of Jewish Identity

edited by Susan A. Glenn and Naomi B. Sokoloff

Seattle Geographies

edited by Michael Brown and Richard Morrill

Seeking Salaam: Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalis in the Pacific Northwest

by Sandra M. Chait

Rewriting Russia: Jacob Gordin's Yiddish Drama

by Barbara J. Henry

Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World

by Todd McLeish

Penguins: Natural History and Conservation

edited by Pablo Garcia Borboroglu and P. Dee Boersma

Shaping Seattle Architecture: A Historical Guide to the Architects, Second Edition

Edited by Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

Chang'an 26 BCE: An Augustan Age in China

Edited by Michael Nylan and Griet Vankeerberghen

The Pulse of Modernism: Physiological Aesthetics in Fin-de-Siecle Europe

by Robert Brain

Empire Maker: Aleksandr Baranov and Russian Colonial Expansion into Alaska and Northern California

by Kenneth N. Owens with Alexander Iu. Petrov

Facing Death: Confronting Mortality in the Holocaust and Ourselves

Edited by Sarah K. Pinnock

Losing Trust in the World: Holocaust Scholars Confront Torture

Edited by Leonard Grob and John K. Roth

Before Yellowstone: Native American Archaeology in the National Park

by Douglas H. MacDonald

The Spokane River

Edited by Paul Lindholdt

Jade Mountains and Cinnabar Pools: The History of Travel Literature in Imperial China

by James M. Hargett

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