Naomi B. Pascal Editor's Endowment

Saudades do Brasil: A Photographic Memoir

by Claude Levi-Strauss; Translated by Sylvia Modelski

Sun Dogs and Eagle Down: The Indian Paintings of Bill Holm

by Steven C. Brown and Lloyd J. Averill

White Grizzly Bear's Legacy: Learning to be Indian

by Lawney L. Reyes

Sweet Cakes, Long Journey: The Chinatowns of Portland, Oregon

by Marie Rose Wong

No More Cherry Blossoms: Sisters Matsumoto and Other Plays

by Philip Kan Gotanda

Fieldwork Connections: The Fabric of Ethnographic Collaboration in China and America

by Bamo Ayi, Stevan Harrell, and Ma Lunzy

B Street: The Notorious Playground of Coulee Dam

by Lawney L. Reyes

Tulalip, From My Heart: An Autobiographical Account of a Reservation Community

by Harriett Shelton Dover; edited and introduced by Darleen Fitzpatrick

Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940,
Second Edition

Edited by Him Mark Lai, Genny Lim, and Judy Yung

Symbolic Immortality: The Tlingit Potlatch of the Nineteenth Century

by Sergei Kan