McLellan Endowed Series

Supports publication of scholarly books in the humanities.

Ten Tough Trips: Montana Writers and the West

by William Bevis

The Early Years of Native American Art History: The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting

edited by Janet Catherine Berlo

South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan

edited by Lucien Miller. Translated by Guo Xu, Lucien Miller, and Xu Kun

Cloth That Does Not Die: The Meaning of Cloth in Bunu Social Life

by Elisha P. Renne.

Out of Inferno: Strindberg's Reawakening as an Artist

by Harry G. Carlson

Anyan's Story: A New Guinea Woman in Two Worlds

by Virginia Drew Watson

Doors to Madame Marie

by Odette Meyers

Pniniad: Vladimir Nabokov and Marc Szeftel

by Galya Diment

Kirtland Cutter: Architect in the Land of Promise

by Henry Matthews

Under Polaris: An Arctic Quest

by Tahoe Talbot Washburn

Art and Intimacy: How the Arts Began

by Ellen Dissanayake

Captured in the Middle: Tradition and Experience in Contemporary Native American Writing

by Sidner Larson

Tokyo Central: A Memoir

by Edward Seidensticker

Travels Among the Dena: Exploring Alaska's Yukon Valley

by Frederica de Laguna

Women in Pacific Northwest History, Revised Edition

edited by Karen J. Blair

Landscape Traveled by Coyote and Crane: The World of the Schitsu'umsh (Coeur d'Alene Indians)

by Rodney Frey in collaboration with the Schitsu'umsh

Drawing Back Culture: The Makah Struggle for Repatriation

by Ann M. Tweedie

Faith, Food, and Family in a Yupik Whaling Community

by Carol Zane Jolles with the assistance of Elinor Mikaghaq Oozeva, Elder Advisor

Place of Learning, Place of Dreams: A History of the Seattle Public Library

by John Douglas Marshall

Seattle's Women Teachers of the Interwar Years: Shapers of a Livable City

by Doris Hinson Pieroth

Page to Page: Retrospectives of Writers from The Seattle Review

edited by Colleen J. McElroy

Nikolai's Fortune

by Solveig Torvik

The Pacific Muse: Exotic Femininity and the Colonial Pacific

by Patty O'Brien

The Problem of the House: French Domestic Life and the Rise of Modern Architecture

by Alex T. Anderson

Beyond Literary Chinatown

by Jeffrey F. L. Partridge

Forest Guardians, Forest Destroyers: The Politics of Environmental Knowledge in Northern Thailand

by Tim Forsyth and Andrew Walker

Life as Surplus: Biotechnology and Capitalism in the Neoliberal Era

by Melinda Cooper

Carl Hagenbeck's Empire of Entertainments

by Eric Ames

Wild Sardinia: Indigeneity and the Global Dreamtimes of Environmentalism

by Tracey Heatherington

The Tooth That Nibbles at the Soul: Essays on Music and Poetry

by Marshall Brown

Representing Africa in American Art Museums: A Century of Collecting and Display

edited by Kathleen Bickford Berzock and Christa Clarke

The Little Everyman: Stature and Masculinity in Eighteenth-Century English Literature

by Deborah Needleman Armintor

Explorers and Scientists in China's Borderlands, 1880-1950

edited by Denise M. Glover, Stevan Harrell, Charles F. McKhann,
and Margaret Byrne Swain

Taipei: City of Displacements

by Joseph R. Allen

Making Race: Modernism and "Racial Art" in America

by Jacqueline Francis

Subversive Seduction: Darwin, Sexual Selection, and the Spanish Novel

by Travis Landry

Morris Graves: Selected Letters

edited by Vicki Halper and Lawrence Fong

Mary Randlett Portraits

by Frances McCue

Image Problems: The Origin and Development of the Buddha's Image in Early South Asia

by Robert DeCaroli

Classical Seattle: Maestros, Impresarios, Virtuosi, and Other Music Makers

by Melinda Bargreen

Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing

edited by Lars Krutak and Aaron Deter-Wolf

The books are listed in order of publication.
Books without links are listed as out of print with the University of Washington Press.